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Masterclass Update

I am on Week 4. I have saved my Header/Footer to my desktop although I had before I watched the video. In the last 4 weeks I have learned a lot. I knew quite a bit but that didn’t stop me watching the videos. You think you know it all but watching the videos there is always something you didn’t know about. I am more confident in IM than I have ever been before and that has to do a lot with John.

FTP, that has been the bain of my life. Soon after joining my current hosting company I was in my cpanel and for some reason I changed username and password but I could still log in. I had one problem. Every time I logged on using Filezilla I didn’t have a public_html folder. I kept uninstalling and re installing Filezilla to no avail. No public_html folder. I couldn’t get round it. I had bought Johns Powerseller 3 and I couldn’t upload the sales page. I contacted John and after giving him my details he uploaded it for me. Still, I had no folder.

Did I find my public_html  folder….YES, I did, but only by accident. I submitted tickets to the Masterclass Support. Paula Brett, (bless her, she must have been hacked off with me, although she did say she was not.) Anyway, I explained the situation. She sent me a reply with a screenshot of Filezilla showing my my public_html folder. I logged in and to my dismay I couldn’t see my folder.

What was I doing wrong? Well, at the beginning of the post I mentioneed I changed the username/ password. That was it. In her reply to me Paula reminded me of my password. That triggered something in my brain. I hunted out my Information regarding my cpanel account. I tried, logged in using my original username/password. BINGO, guess what appeared when I logged in through Filezilla, public_html folder. At long last, I then continued with the video for uploading my themes.

That’s it folks. Time to upload header and footer.


What To Sell On EBay.

What do people sell on eBay?? Well, all you have to do is go on and have a look. I don’t think there isn’t much that you can buy on eBay. In my previous post I mentioned stuff I sold, initially odds and sods from the house, thingS that were no longer required.

I have tried dropshipping. I sold a few dvd’s but not as much as I thought would have. Maybe I’m not going the right way about it, I don’t know. I had an eBay shop last year and I had quite a lot of dvd’s in it but didn’t do much good. There are also fees. If you have limited funding and you have eBay fees it’s not worth it if you’re not selling. I could have in hindsight promoted the shop better. I’ll have learnt from that experience so when I open my next shop I will be prepared.

Going back to John Thornhill, his shop is unbelievable, full of digitial products on dvd. Products that are, I believe selling well. I will be following Johns methods on the e book front.  Another marketer, a student of Johns has a market on ebay. He sells prints and is doing well, I believe. His name is Stuart Turnbull and if you click on his link on the right side of the page under “Other Cool Blogs” you can find more about it.

Until the next time…


Selling On Ebay

I started selling on eBay about 2 years ago. A friend and myself converted my shed into an office. We got it lined, plasterboard, painted inside, carpet tiles, desks, computers etc. I had power line from my house to the shed, got a telephone line etc etc. It was a fully functional office, we were chuffed to bits. We then got stuff from our respective houses that we didn’t use anymore, books, games, CD’s DVD’s etc and started to put them on eBay. We went into Glasgow to buy stuff cheaply then put on eBAY. We  were stuff bit by bit but nothing major. I signed up to a dvd drop ship company to see if we could push videos. I think I sold 8 or 9 so that was not worthwhile.

I opened a shop and put quite a lot of dvd’s into the shop but nothing ever came out of that. I then followed Johns Powerseller 3.0 and put that on eBay. I sold one, but that was enough for me. I knew it could be done. The shop was closed down because my friend and I stopped working together. At the moment there is no shop. There won’t be for a while until I’m up and running with the Masterclass. One other thing I bought from John in the past is the Profit From Plr: John takes you through the process of re writing an ebook from choosing your niche to traffic generation. Click on the link for more info.

“John Thornhills your man, if he can’t help, who the hell can”.

The way forward is selling e books on eBay, I think. If I follow Johns way of doing it I should be ok. Saying that, with me, I’ll probably take twice as long.

Until the next post….


Private Label Rights

Back in March I joined Resell Rights Weekly. It’ a FREE membership that allows you download digital products for FREE. These products have Private Lable Rights or Resale Rights. Once you sign up you get hundreds of dollars worth of digital products. Each week two new products are added to the membership area. It’s worth having a look, hey it’s worth joing, won’t cost you a dime. There is also a forum you can join. Everyone on there is so friendly, plenty of help.

You can upgrade to GOLD member for $1. The trial lasts for 7 days when the charge $19.95 per month. Wait till you see what you get for that. You get 30 Profit Making Sites each month, you get PLR/MMR  downloads each month, you get PLR articles every month. As a GOlD member you get FREE hosting for as long as you are a GOLD member.

There is an online university where there are videos, pdf files and tons of other info to guide you along. It is worth having a look. At the end of the day, it’s FREE to join. You can upgrade for $1 and after 7 days if you’re not happy you don’t upgrade. At least you can get the downloads in that 7 days as a GOLD member.

Good luck in all you do. Feel free to leave a comment.


Masterclass Students

I recently signed up for John Thornhills Masterclass Trial. I am just about finished Week 2. So far so good, now looking forward to Week 3. After watching the last video of Week 2. I clicked on the link below to see a list of all the students. I couldn’t believe it, all these people went through John’s Masterclass. I recognised a few names, in fact I’m probably signed up to a couple of them.

A couple of months ago John was sending me an e mail every day or every few days with a link to a testimonials from his students. They’re obviously very proud of what they have achieved over a period of 16 weeks or so. At one time I was getting miffed at John sending me these e mails. I didn’t want to complain or stop subscription because I have respect for what John himself has achieved.

I read all the testimonials and felt a slight pang of jealousy of what these people have achieved. I particualerly liked Stuart Turnbulls video of him going down to the beach on a nice windy day with his laptop, and his photographs of his village in Ireland. I was supposed to have a chat with Stuart on Skype, I couldn’t make it so I didn’t want to bother him again. I’m sure I’ll meet up with him in the future. Another student who springs to mind is Jacinta Dean, all the way from the other side of the world. She even left a message on my other blog.

All I can say is I hope I reach the standard past students have reached. If I could make $10 in my first month then I would be happy, because after years of trying there will be an incoming column as well as a permanent outgoing one.

There was something I had to laugh about. I was watching one of the videos. John was showing how to post. He called a category “Other Cool Blogs” and the title he gave was “The Best Blog On The Planet. I was looking at some blogs from John s classes and they had a cctegoery with the same title, as I have. I clicked on one thinking it would be their own but it wasn’t it was Johns. See how popular you are mate. Actually, it’s up there with the best of them.


John Thornhills Masterclass

I have been into Internet Marketing for many years. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to make it. So far I have not been successful, but I am not giving up. Last year I came across John Thornhill, who is a very successful Internet Marketer. I bought a couple of items from John, ebooks, his Powerseller 3.0, signed up for e mail courses etc etc.

John did a yearly Masterclass where he taught students for 36 weeks. Each week the students received their weeky work, videos to be exact. They would watch each video in turn and follow what John was doing, simple as that. After 36 weeks I would imagine that 95% of the students are making some sort of money. Maybe they are all earning something.

Anyway, I was looking forward to the day I could afford to join Johns Masterclass. Earlier in the post I said John only had a class annually, not now. In one of his many e mails John has a link to his Masterclass. You get the first 4 weeks for $4.95, after that you go onto the full price. I decided to sign up for thr trial. I’m glad that I did. The first weeks videos I had already done the buying a domain, hosting etc but I still watched the videos. Let me tell you, it’s absolutely amazing what you learn even though you think you know it all.

I have now finished week 2 and I am looking forward to week 3 so I can carry on from where I left off. So, anyone who is reading this post and are unsure of what to do. Let me tell you, look, you have nothing to lose. Sign up for the 4 week trial, I am sure you can afford $4.95, and take it from there. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you are new to Internet Marketing these 4 weeks will get you off to a flyer.

All I can say now is “Thanks John, looking forward to working with you”. So can you guys reading this.