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Nothing Much

It’s going to be a small post today. It has been a quiet week for me in my Masterclass. It was one video which I couldn’t finish and I had to contact Paula at Support. Where would I be without Support. Probably still on Week 6. I thing when I had problems with the graphics. I need to find out what Paula did to fix the problem. Week 7 was downloading the widlink plug in. I managed to everything that John did on the video, until that is I logged into my dashboard and plug ins and found that the plug in was not there.

Other news. Is it not justified that at long last pensioners are to get more money. High time that they did. Wayne Rooney is happy that he is now earning £250 000 per week. SHOCKING, especially with the state of this country. I wonder if that is before or after tax. I wonder who pays the tax. Anyway, good luck to the guy. I’m sure we all would happily take a quarter of a million a week.

News last week was that we sent £4 billion on aid to foreign countries, some of these countries house terrosists. Is some of that money used in funding terrorists. I do believe we should help out poorer countries but I think it is now time to reduce that and use to fund our own country. Britain now has an Aircraft Carrier but no aircraft to put on it. How stupid is that. And some of that £4billion could help our Military, new hospitals etc etc. I think Britain have gone too soft. It’s time to look after No. 1.

That’s it folks. Talk soon.


Masterclass Update.

First post this week. I have recived Week 7 of Johns Masterclass. I enjoyed Week 6 but on the last video I got stuck. I couldn’t get the graphics to work. I tried a couple of times but didn’t work. I submitted a ticket twice and after receiving a reply, twice I tried to rectify the problem. No can do. I sent John an e mail but asked to contact support. I should have done that that in the first place. Anyhow, John was busy with his latest project.

I sent support another ticket and this time I included blog address, username and password. I asked Paula if she could sort it out for me. I checked my e mails the following day and noticed the one from support. I was praying that it was Paula telling me it was fixed. I opened it up and sure as fate, Paula had sorted it out for me. I still need to send her an e mail and thank her for it. I will also ask her how she fixed it in case I need to do it in future.

All I can say is, “Thank You”, Paula. I find the support from this masterclass is second to none. I can also say with Dan and Paulas hosting account. The support is absolutely brilliant. I will now look at Week 7 and see what the first video is about. I do need to purchase an ipod so that I can listen to Johns audio.

One other thing, I am looking forward to “meeting” this years students.

Until the next time.


Chilean Miners.

The whole world is looking at Chile at the moment. At the time of writing this post the 15th miner was taken up to the surface. It’s absolutely fantastic that they are being rescued at last. They will be welcomed by their families, rescuers, their fellow countrymen and women and the worlds media.

What must it have been like to be stuck down in the darkness for so long, 69 days, is that not amazing. The best thing about this is that were no casualties or fatalities. After the hype has gone away, and on their road to recovery what will life be like. One thing for sure their lives have changed forever. No doubt there will be books written and a movie. I hope they are left in peace to get back to some sort of normal life.

They will have plenty of invitations from everywhere I reckon. One of these invites, according to the press is an invite to Old Trafford, Manchester to watch Manchester United. The invite which I think isa fantastic thing to do was organised by Sir Bobby Charlton. If they accept I hope they have a brilliant time. I don’t see that for quite a while until they have recovered from their ordeal.

Well folks, that’s it for another day. Will be back soon. Take care in the meantime.



This is my first post for a while. I did update the “About” page but that’s about it. I am waiting for a reply from Paula regarding my Masterclass, so hopefully I should receive something today. I need to move on. However, I have been watch videos on different subject to do with WordPress in the last couple of days. A friend wants me to build him a web site for his business. I promised hin months ago. I am attempting to build a static site using WordPress so I have been looking at video tutorials etc. Any guidance is appreciated. I also found this site very interesting The site is very useful. A few videos to watch, excellent for the newbies, me included. I am also waiting for a new programme by John Thornhill to come out. It’s pre launch today and launch next week. When I receive anything I will post it on here at the earliest opportunity.

My next problem…Ezine Articles. I have one article on there. It’s been there a few months but the hassle to get it live was amazing. Don’t get me wrong I suppose they have standards and don’t like affiliate links or whatever but sometimes I feel like giving up. I submitted an article last week and waited a few days for a reply. I got one but there is a problem so I am now waiting to see what the problem is. I e mailed them from within and waiting for a reply so I can correct the problem(s).

That’s it for now folks until the next time, have a nice one.


Highland Fresh Soap

Highland Fresh is located in the village of Milton of Campsie about 10 miles from Glasgow. Their aim is to bring you their finest handmade soaps, using only the best of ingredients. Olive Oil, Palm and also Coconut Oil are used to luxuriate and moisterurise your skin and also includes essential oils and natural extracts to compliment your skins particular needs.

NETTLE Soap: Hand Made, Hand Cut, Hand Wrapped. There is no Essential Oil in this soap,  pure Nettle Extract is added giving an aroma free bar, apparently good for Eczema and Psoriasis.Your Highland Fresh is hand wrapped in MacKenzie Tartan. On the website there is a testimonial from a lady whose son suffered from Eczema and  Molluscum Contagiosum. She was told by her GP that nothing would clear the latter, well, the nettle soap did. Worth a look. Stuart does more than one brand of soap, I wanted to highlight the Nettle soap after reading the letter sent to Stuart and how it affected his Eczema, for the good of course.

If you want to check out  Stuarts website and see for yourself, go to:

Apart from the shop Stuart has a passion for fishing. He is a regular on the Lochs of Scotland although I am still waiting for my first trout, Hint Hint!I believe he enters a lot of competitions so maybe when the season begins again next year I’ll get some fresh trout.

Another passion for Stuart, and he takes this very seriously. He is a member of a Beatles tribute band. They are awseome. They have gigs nearly every weekend, at the very least they have most Saturdays booked. To listen to  “Penny Lane” go to: You can listen to a couple of tracks. I am sure you will enjoy.


Masterclass Update

This will be my last update for  a while. I finished the 28 day trial but I have had to postpone the rest of the course until further notice. I cannot now access the videos of the first 4 weeks as my 28 days have been and gone. I intend to come back and finish the course in the very near future. These last few weeks have been amazing, looking forward to each week for the next set of videos. I will be posting on here as often as possible just to keep it going. I didn’t even get to know any students but I expected that anyway. Good luck to the students who are on the course at the moment. I was looking forward to week 6, I think that was the list building one.

I will attempt to put an opt in form on my other blog. There will be videos somewhere. I am leaving this blog for the course when I come back, although as I said before I will continue to post.

I had actually received week 5 although I am not sure if I was supposed. I watched the video but didn’t take any action. Week 5 actually came on day 28 so I assume that after midnight I was locked out.

I downloaded Camtasia 7 last week, you can get it on trial.  I was going to attempt a video then post, so I’ll probably do one before the trial runs out and post it on my site. Quite a snazzy bit of kit. Think it will take some getting used to.

I am looking forward to getting back on the course.


Newspaper Article

I read an an article about a young woman who won’t go to work but “screw” the system. She goes to her local Job Centre every fortnight to sign on and state that she has been looking for work, when in fact she wasn’t. She got herself pregnant after two miscarriages. She now has her own house which is paid for by the state, she gets £160 a fortnight, I believe and gets stuff for her baby. She also has Sky television. She also likes to party and gets bad hangovers.

When she goes for an interview she doesn’t dress properly for it, looks uninterested so she doesn’t get the job.What is happening to this once great coutry, our Armed Forces are dwidling. Once a great Naval force, we will soon have  the second smallest Navy after Portugal.

When you get people who work their backsides off to earn a living and then you read about people who refuse to work and live off the State. I hope that this government do what they are promising to do and stop peoples benefits or reduce them to make them go and look for work.

I will be back soon..