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I think most of us use Social Networking sites whether it be Facebook, Bebo or whatever. Personally I use Facebook quite a lot, but how secure is it.How many of us have personal details on view, like DATE of BIRTH etc. I have my date of birth visible but let me assure you it will be coming off shortly, as soon as this post is done.

I read an article about safety on Facebook, so let me give you 10 of what not to do…

  1. DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH. This places you at a high risk of identity theft. They are the most commonly used security questions on password resetting sites. If a criminal can reset that they can access whatever they want, including your bank account.
  2. MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME. A lot of sites use your mother’s maiden name to authenicate who you are. They also use the school you went to as  a security question, so do not post this on Facebook either.
  3. ADDRESS. Do you want everyone to know where you live? Puts you at risk, once again to ID theft, and remember criminals and burglars would love to know where you live, they would be able to find out when you are away on your holidays. Who wants to come back from holiday to find they have been burgled. Don’t post your address on Facebook.
  4. HOLIDAYS. I mentioned above mentioning your address on Facebook and the people who are looking for such things. The same goes for your holidays. Beware of mentioning when you are going away. If you give away holiday dates on Facebook and you already have your address on your public profile your local burglar will be making plans while you are away sunning yourself.
  5. SHORT TRIPS. Something else that can be a risk, mentioning if you are going shopping on a certain day/time. Once again burglars love this sort of thing. If you want to mention anything that involves dates/times etc use the message service on Facebook. I suppose we all mention things and not realised it. Be careful when mentioning dates/times and any other information that would be good to the bad guy.
  6. INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS. Watch what sort of photos you post on Facebook. Don’t post racy, illicit or any offensive or indeed incriminating photos. Apparently bosses and prospective employers look at Facebook, so watch what sort you post. Photos of you drunk every weekend wouldn’t look good to a prospective employer. Don’t take photos at work and then post them online, if you do you are looking to get sacked. The same goes for videos. Remember once these are online they are probably there forever, even if you delete them. It only take for one person to copy the phots and pass them around.
  7. CONFESSIONALS. These can also get you the “chop”. Using Facebook whilst at work and posting things that you are skiving is not going to look good for you, is it?? So do not post anything about your employment. Remember, like I mentioned in the last paragragh once on FACEBOOK it’s on FOREVER.
  8. PHONE NUMBER. Need I say anything….. DO NOT POST. If you do you are more than likely to be bombarded by hoax calls.
  9. CHILDRENS NAMES. Can be used by fraudsters for identity theft. An adult will eventually notice their credit rating is affected. Children won’t. Paedophiles also scour the net looking for children. Don’t give them an opportunity.
  10. PUBLIC PROFILE. Don’t post a full profile. It will not only exist on Facebook, but also on search engines like Google.Keep your profile to a minimum and everything else private.

That’s it folks. I am now going to log on to my Facebook and check my profile and change as required. You do the same. Stay Safe and enjoy FACEBOOK.


Nothing Much

It’s been nearly a week since I left a post. Here I go. Nothing much happened last week. I am waiting for this weeks stuff to come through which is Wednesday. This week starts off with product creation and goes on for a few weeks I believe. I am now in full time employment and hoping I don’t fall behind. I joined PLR Monthly last week and that looks very good. If you click on the link on the blog it will tell you all about it.I will be taking things easy for a while, going to take my time.

This is a short post. Sorry about that but will have a better one next time.  Until the next post guys.

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