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Happy New Year







How To Be SUPER Confident In Everything You Do Online!

Another post before the end of the year. Something to think of when the New Year starts and if you need a kick up the backside or you’re not feeling confident. This, I received from RACHAEL MACGREGOR a successfull Marketer, a young Marketer I may add. Age doesn’t matter in this game, you need willing, hard work. Anyway, read the report and enjoy.

SO many people online spend dollar after dollar, pound after pound, on courses, ebooks, “guru” trainings etc to try and find out how to magically do something RIGHT – marketing, prospecting, video…

No matter how many courses you buy or study, you will NOT see success until you start taking action and PRACTICING.

It goes without saying, but so many people are stuck in the afraid mindset – afraid to TRY.

They are afraid that if they start trying, and don’t see results immediately, that they will look like a failure.

They are scared to do something that’s not PERFECT, but guess what…you won’t be able to get BETTER if you don’t try.

We say it to our kids all the time but there are SO many adults out there still going in circles to avoid it..

PRACTICE makes perfect.

Scared of doing a video? Just DO IT. My first videos were terrible, TERRIBLE! But now I have people that see one video and want to join my team right away. How did I learn it? I practiced, watched other people’s videos then practiced more.

AND by practice I don’t mean I re-shot every video til it was great. I mean I did a video every day and published it even if I HATED it. Because the more crappy videos out there of me, the LESS I cared about what people thought of me…then THAT came across in my videos.

Scared of writing a terrible article? Write it anyway. Do it daily and publish it to hundreds of sites…soon you won’t care, then you’ll find that your work gets better because you are less worried about it.

I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, that you were looking for some magic answer but really…LOOK AROUND.

Are the successful people in network marketing scared?

Do you see them trying new things?

Do you see them mess up their words and carry on anyway in their videos?

Of course!

They were not born able to do amazing videos, articles, marketing, prospecting…they were terrible on the phone at first too!

The difference is that they kept going until they BECAME great at it.

Next time your mentor tells you to do something, go and do it 100% even if you are cringing inside. Soon it will be second nature and THAT’S when you know you can do ANYTHING.

Need some personal mentoring?

Contact me at to find out more or get my FREE training series here

I hope you enjoyed the report and if you need any halp from Rachael, contact her at thr links above. I hope that gave you some inspiration to crack on with Internet Marketing in  2011.  HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes.


Who in the Internet Marketing network has not heard of John Thornhill. Well if you haven’t you will now. John is one of the most successful Marketers online, and the most honest, helpful. John has a team behing who are exceptional and I believe, taught by John. John has come a long way since he became successful. He now puts what he has learned himself and helps other Marketers become successful. I am one of these chaps. I’ve still got a long way to go but with Johns help I hope to move on and improve on 2010. i don’t know where to start. I have bought a couple of products from John.

The first product I got from John was Profit From Plr.

Plr is inexpensive and you can be sure that on your hard drive you will find some hidden away, probably forgot about. John will show you how to re create plr.Once you have made that Plr that product belongs to you.. You can sell it, give it away, whatever you want. It’s YOURS.

There are six Phases of Plr success:

Research, Development & Preparation, Content Creation, Website Construction, Review Your Sales Process, Start Marketing, Advanced Strageties.

Apart from PDF files John will be “Right Behind You” telling you all you need to know. There are videos for each section, from buying a domain name to the end product. If you have any problems whatsover John has tremendous support to back you up. If you want to know more about John, Google his name and then see what comes up.

One other product I have bought is John’s Masterclass. This is the one I hope will improve me in Internet Marketing. Another of his products which has extremely well, in fact better than that, amazing. His  MASTERCLASS is so successful, well, words cannot describe. Anyway, you can only find out for yourself by looking at these two products. John has lots of products you can look into. Go to his blog:

There are so many people who owe John for where they are today. All very successful Marketers, Omar Martin, Dave Nicholson, Dan Sumner, Dan Thompson, Paula Brett and countless others. If I had to raise a glass to anybody, well, John Thornhill deserves it.

I will finish of by wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Slainte Mhatha to you all, and have a sober….ish New Year.


Free List Building Report

I hope you all had a good Christmas. I thought I would send a quick e mail about List Building. We all know that you need a mailing list for your online business. Most people now don’y use Yellow pages or any other phone books. They will use an online search engine to find what they want. Just imagine, looking up yellow pages. you go to the index at the back, find the subject and go to the page you want. Why not go online and enter a couple of words into a search engine. “Bob’s your uncle”, you end up with thousands of results if not millions.

So, you need to start focussing now on how to build your list. A list that can earn you hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars per month. If you’re not sure on how to start building your list then you need to FIND OUT RIGHT NOW.

Internet Marketer Paul Hooper did just that and he managed to take his list from 729 to 1960 subscribers in 1 month. That’s not bad going, is it? Just imagine 1231 opt ins in the space of 31 days. Paul was so impressed that Paul documented all his methods into a report. He is giving this report away for



So if you want to succeed and grow a list read this free report.Grab the free version before Paul decides to charge.


The Year That’s Coming To An End, 2010

This year was a slight improvement on last year. One of the first things I did was sign up to Resell Rights Weekly. A free to join site, Resell Rights Weekly gives you free material to help you with your Internet Marketing, from videos, articles plr material. Have a look and see for yourself. You can have a 7 days trial for $1. After the weeks trial you can upgrade for $19.95 per month or stay as a free member. You can join the forum where members help you along to get where you want. There are 5000 members, so you be sure of very good advice.

There were times this year that I didn’t do much in moving forward, not as much as I would have liked. Probably spending too much times on forums and Facebook, Twitter. I did do the odd research but not enough. I intend to change all that in 2011. PLANNING is vital. Plan what you are going to do and stick to it.

They say you need a list, and you cannot build a list without an autoresponder. The best around, in my opinion is Aweber.  There are free autoresponders. I signed up to a free one but couldn’t work it.I think paid ones are better, you get better suport. With Aweber the support you get is second to none. There is live chat if you have a problem and they will help you there and then. There are also videos to help you with your e mail broadcasts. You get one month for £1 then $19.95 per month.

In September I signed up to John Thornhills Masterclass. A 36 week course showing you how to succeed online. I am at Week 11 at the moment which is Product creation. I have put that on hold until the New Year. You can have a 28 Day Trial for $4.95. That’s what I did, signed up for the trial and after signed up for the course. John Thornhill has had many Students signing up for this course, many who are very, very successful.  One of these students is Steve King. Click on the link and watch the video. Take Stuart Turnbull, another student from John’s Masterclass. Watch his video, recorded while he was at the beach.

I watched these videos with envy. Being able to work when, and where you like. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do that, and I’m sure you would love to be in the same shoes. So, what are you going to do about it. Struggle or at the very least try something. If you can afford a few hours a week to get you Marketing of to a good start.

Whatever you decide, good luck for 2011.


Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Recently I was visiting other blogs. I was browsing, Barry Wells blog, and what a cracking blog it is. I noticed one of his widgets, Alexa,  a place for people to discover information about websites. You can find out how popular a site is, who owns the site and a lot of other features.

If you are a professional or trying to find awebsite on any subject you have come to the right place. Alexa sorts out websites by popularity, whether you want to know a little more abiut a website or whether you are a site owner wanting more traffic, Alexa  can help.

Alexa has many features, features which can help you get a better traffic ranking. Alexa also has its own toolbar and add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome that give you real time information about the sites you visit when you surf the web.

There are other features on Alexa. Watch the 10 minute below and watch. You will learn a lot. This is a video by Rachael MacGregor of Enjoy the video. if you feel like leaving a comment, please do.


TAC Campaign “Everybody Hurts”

I thought that seeing the time of year I would put this video onto my blog. It’s a video about DRINK/DRIVING and the consequences of it. This will shock you. I guess that’s the object, if this saves one life then it’s been worthwhile. think of the loss of life through DD. Families ruined forever. Here is a comment from a person who watched this:
“Every local news station should be playing this over the holidays. Especially in the US where our DWI laws can be too lax.? To think of all the lives that can be saved, especially the innocent ones. Most graphic video i’ve ever seen, but its awesome and i just played it to my 2 teenage kids who are now driving. I hope it sinks in.”

Maybe it should be shown here in the UK in the run to this time of year, shown at peak time so people can see the destruction and devastation it can cause. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Have a safe and enjoyable Xmas and New Year.


What Happened To Me!

I’ll start by asking you this question. “Is bankruptcy for you”? Have you seriously thought about going bankrupt? Is there no way out, can you do anything else. At the end of the day if that is what you do, then fine. It’s not the end of the world. Think of it as a new start. Put the past behind you and think of the future. There are pro’s and con’s about going bankrupt. There are a lot of things to think about. I am hoping by the time you read this e book you will feel a lot better about yourself. How do I know that? Well, I was, still am at this moment bankrupt, myself.

How did it all start? It started in October 2006 when my wife and I took on the lease of a Public House from a Pub Co. Initially it was a month to month contract which meant we could walk away or they could cancel our monthly contract. Initially everything going fine, we paid £200 per week rent and bought all our drinks from the Pub Co. We paid cash up front for our orders. After about 4 months they wanted us to sign a contract as soon as possible or they would be putting the “TO LET” sign back outside the pub. We thought that was pretty harsh. After all they were desperate for us to take on this pub. We had under £2000 starting with this venture.

Anyway, we signed a 5 year lease. That meant that from now they took the rent, order money etc direct from our bank account.
Unfortunately, that lasted just a few weeks. The business account started going overdrawn. After consulting my credit controller we were put back onto cash up front. Before our drinks order was released we had to pay and either fax the receipt to the Pub Co head office or scan and e mail. That was every week. Nightmare.

As the weeks and months followed we fell behind in payments to all and sundry. We also had cash flow problems. The money I was earning “today” was going out “tomorrow”. Believe it or not this lasted for about 2 years.
A year after taking on the lease we sold our house to get some capital for the business. Unfortunately, the money we made on the sale of the house disappeared in next to no time. It was a traumatic time, worrying every day. It was that bad that I didn’t answer telephone calls, didn’t open any letters for days on end. I had stopped paying the accountant after only a few months. They were charging £250 per month. I still kept doing the accounts myself. I did them on a spreadsheet and kept tally myself.

I still got the VAT returns quarterly with their estimates which were diabolical. I ignored them to. One of the worst things to happen was the debt letters kept coming by the dozen. They threatened court, shutting down the business and everything else.
At last it came to the fore. We went to the Citizen Advice Bureau for advice, of course. We talked with the Debt Adviser who advised us if that was the way we wanted to go. I gathered all our debt letters, business and personal. We made another appointment to see our adviser.

All the paperwork was left with the adviser. After a week or so we were back. As we were partners in the business we still had to go bankrupt separately. He had filled in the necessary forms which we signed. I then went to a bank and paid £100 each, the fee required, received a receipt and placed in the envelope with the desired paperwork and posted it off to the Accountant in Bankruptcy. Within a matter of weeks we were declared bankrupt.


Affiliate Promo Formula

As a respected Internet Marketer John Thornhill is sickened by the
state of the affiliate marketing industry today.

This has mostly been caused by countless launches put together by
the churn and burn syndicates who all have each others backs and
promote sub standard products, all promising easy riches for a few
clicks of a mouse.

It’s easy to see why Affiliate Marketing is getting a bad name, but
worse still it’s easy to see how any newbie affiliate could be lead
down the wrong path by copying these churn and burn tactics.

Well John has had enough and is about to put a stop to it all. He
has created an ‘Affiliate Master Plan’ and in it he details how you
can become highly successful as an affiliate without using churn
and burn tactics, he also reveals why 99% of affiliates are failing
online today.

As a marketer who has generated over 1 million dollars in sales as
an affiliate I think he’s someone you should take seriously so go
and see what he has to say.

Affiliate Promo Formula

I have nothing but admiration for John who has worked hard to get where he is today. He now helps the like of you and me to succeed to make our lives that wee bit better.


Alison MacDonald – Keep The Hope Alive

The title reflects what I am going to have a few short words and then watch the video. Alison was from the Isle of Lewis, from Back, a village about 6 miles from Stornoway. Alison went on to Aberdeen University to do her studies. She went on holiday to India and never came back. Her family still maintain she is alive. This short video was made, her father explains what happened. If this post is read please post on your blog and so on. You will get the embed code at the end of the video. Alison has been missing for nearly 30 years. Wouldn’t it be a miracle if she was found alive. Watch the video, it’s only 5 minutes long and I would hope that you could post on your blog. Remember the internet goes a long way. Maybe you have subscribers from India or know someone that does. Post on your blog.

Alison Macdonald – Keep The Hope Alive from PointMedia on Vimeo.

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