Hi folks. I had a few problems with the computer for the last couple of weeks.I’ll let you know in the next few days.Just letting you all know I haven’t left.

Hi folks, that’s me back with my desktop repaired. Fortunately, my hard drive was ok, unfortunately I lost 99% of the contents. All these reports, e books, articles, videos, PDF’s and other stuff. The moral of this story is BACK UP your files every week or even daily. I have suffered the consequences for not backing up. I now have an extra drive on my machine. Thinking that my hard drive was knackered I bought a second hand one from e Bay, so now have an extra one.

If  you need somewhere to save files etc go to http://db.tt/90n4KIV, you get 250 mb for your files. You can get an extra 250 mb for every person you sign up, ( need to check if there is a limit) That is a start. Of course there is other ways to save your files etc, like sacing onto CD,DVD, Pen Drives etc. You need to get into a habit of saving your stuff. That’s me back. I will be back soon with more posts.