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Clickbank Affiliate Master was created by two very successful Internet Marketers. I’m sure you have come across them already, John Thornhill and Dace Nicholson.They needed to create a discount page for another marketer to promote a product of theirs. It can be a pain in the backside having only one “pitch” page you can only promote one product or service. With ClicKbank Affiliate Master (CBAM) all you have to do is upload to your server and a few lines of text, affiliate ID’s etc etc, CBAM will then generate a code for you. Simple as.

Instead of me explaining click on the link below, read the page, watch the video, explains everything. You will be glad that you did. If you purchase this product let me know how you get on. It will be worth it.

Clickbank Affiliate Master


The eBook Cycle

I downloaded this eBook from a guy called Daniel Sumner .I was wanting to know how he creates his ebooks. I am in the process of re creating an e book and intrigued to find out how he does it. I wanted  to know what he had to offer, what is so special about the eBook Cycle I thought? To my amazement, this was no ordinary eBook, no standard format, single column, basic contents blah blah blah. Upon first open, it looked visually stunning, full of colour, graphics, tips hints and very cool formatting I just had to read on.

Reading through the eBook I immediately found that this ebook was not “knocked” up in an hour or two. It has taken time and effort to finish off this ebook.I liked the way Daniel uses images in his ebook. There is very important lesson to be learned here as if I was being taught by a teacher.

Its a strange feeling when you read The eBook Cycle as Daniel engages you so much, you sort of feel like you know him and trust what he has to say. He lets you into his world and you feel grateful for the information he is providing, and at the same time encouraging you to get to work to create your own eBooks better than you have before

In his ebook Daniel shows you how to:

Why you should write an eBook
What format to choose
Getting started
Essential includes
Getting your eBook ready
Free or paid eBooks
Sales pages and squeeze pages
Payment processors
Marketing and traffic
And a whole lot more
Needless to say I was impressed with his ebook. Very informative and I would recommend 100% to anyone.  The best thing of all its FREE, yes FREE. Download from the link below and come back and let me know what you thought.

E Book Cycle

So my friends have a look at Daniels ebook and let me know what you think.  If anyone wants to get videos on how to re create an e book go here not for FREE I’m afraid but worth every penny.