I haven’t been doing too much lately. Going to work and working on the computer. I am doing a One Month Mentor programme with John Thornhill, even then I have been very quiet. Two months ago my uncle passed away and I was at my folks for a week or so. I’m away to the Dominican Republic soon for two weeks, my daughter is getting married over there, looking forward to that so I’ll probably be off the radar for these couple of weeks unless I get access to a computer. I’m hoping there will be an internet cafe so I can keep a check on my emails etc.

I went to the Doctors today, to have my blood presure checked. He told me I was a walking “time bomb,” with that and high cholesterol and overweight. It gave me a time to think that one’s lifestyle has to change. Watch the eating, more exercise and easy on the drinking. Need to watch points, as he said “Now that you are over 50, you have to watch and now is the time to change your habits”

Well, that’s it for now folks. I hope some of you who are in my predicament will change. I hope I do, I do like my drink and food but seriously have to change.