I posted the post below on my other blog. I ‘m trying to get it to as many folk as possible.  The product mentioned for $5.00… no brainer.

My apologies for not posting as often as I would have liked apart from being lazy I was working, slowly I may add on other stuff. In my last post I wrote about “Public Domain” but this post is about another subject. As for the Public Domain I have purchased a book that was published in the 1890’s and intend to remove the plates and sell on ebay. If you want more info please see previous post and click on the link.

Anyway, my mentor John Thornhill along with his good buddy Dave Nicholson with whom I deal a lot because I know that they are genuine marketers. John and Dave are a bit hacked off with stories where “newbies” are being put off getting online because of “QUESTIONABLE” marketers. To prove how honest they both are they are reducing the usual price of $47 per month membership of their flagship product down to $5.00, work that one out, $47.00 per month to a one off payment of $5.00. I wish they did that before I joined.

Multi Profit Monthly is a 12 month training programme which you receive in monthly instalments. You get all the info, all the information in pdf, video, audio and you will also receive support from them. You can even contact them direct. All the support you need, which you receive very swiftly. So folks, for $5.00, would you miss that for the product you will receive and which will improve your Marketing skills.

John and Dave must have had a screw or three loose to give this product away for such a low price.

Check it out.

That’s it folks, I’ll be back soon regarding Public Domain Treasure Hunter.