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Beautiful Wild Flowers

What is this you are thinking to yourself…. Well, “Beautiful Wild Flowers” is a book I purchased through the Public Domain. It’s NOT IN COPYRIGHT, so I can do as I please with it. This book has plates in it, plates of wild flowers, original water colour drawings after nature. There are 10 in total which I can sell on ebay as original prints, which they are. This book was printed in the 1890’s and cost me $95.00 plus shipping. This another way of utilising Public Domain material. The book is in excellent condition, the plates are in excellent condition. There are also extracts from LONGFELLOW, WHITTIER, BRYANT, HOLMES & OTHERS.

Thou smiling Spring! again thy praise

Is on the lips of streams;

And the waterfalls loud anthems raise,

By day, and in their dreams;

The lakes that glitter on the plain

Sing with the stirring breeze;

And the voice of welcome sounds again

From the surge upon the seas.


Not only can you do a lot with these products, these were famous guys whose works was known throughout the entire world. It’s now your chance to make something for yourself with the help of these folk. I’ll give you another wee poem.

Where the woodland streamlets flow,

Gushing down a rocky bed,

Where the tasslled alders grow,

Lightly meeting overhead

When the fullest August days

Give the richness that they know,

Then the Wild Clematis comes,

With her wealth of tangled blooms,

Reaching up and drooping low.

Dora Read Goodale

The Wild Clematis is one of the plants mentioned in the book.

What I will do, in my next post I will get some information,FREE of course and you can read peruse at your leisure.

Remember with Public Domain material, what you can do with this is unreal. There is scope for everything and there are literally millions of material in the Public Domain, all you need to do is find. Until the next time. Before I go. If you have been struggling like I have in Internet Marketing I believe this is the way to kick start it. I have been trying for a number of years to make a breakthrough, I get so far and then I get into a rut. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying to make. I am confident that using Public Domain material will help me. If you have/are still buying material…STOP now.Keep your funds for this project. You can start with little capital.


Public Domain

It’s been a while since I last left a post, too long in fact. Since my last post regarding Public Domain I have been reading up on different aspects of it. I have purchased a couple of ebooks to help me on my way. The information is totally invaluable. I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near as I have if I had not got these extra material. I have been on sites I could only have dreamed about so if anyonne reading these post has an interest in Public Domain, get in touch. There are free ebooks you can get to help you on your way. I believe it can get easier if you also buy books to help you or video. The free books can give you lots of info but there is always that little extra you need, and I buy if need be.

The Public Domain stuff I am going to use, going to sell on ebay. I am downloading products and then compiling to make one big product that can be sold on ebay on CD/DVD. The material is out there. All you have to do is find it. In my previous post there are links that you can click on for more information. If you need to get in touch, leave a message and I’ll get back to you either through a reply on your post or via email.