Not much to say in this post. As you may have noticed I have changed themes and now I have some work to do to get it the way I want. I’ll need to watch some videos on how to do that but that’s OK, I have plenty of videos to show me.  I’ll be doing that in my spare time. At the moment I am concentrating more on eBay. As you are probably aware I sell vintage prints which seems to be taking off again after a quiet spell during the summer. I am currently waiting for more prints and at this moment got my eye on a book on eBay. It’s an exciting way to earn that little bit of extra cash, it’s an excellent hobby and would suggest anyone to take this up.

If you need more info check this out: and then you can see for yourself. Watch the video and learn more. I did write an eBook but it’s not online just yet. It will be in the coming weeks. That’s it for now. I know it’s only a small post but I will be back soon. Until the next time folks, take care.