Old Christmas

My First Post Of 2013

Happy and Prosperous 2013. What am I going to be up to this year. Well, I have decided to concentrate on eBay a lot more this year. In between that I have one or two other projects going on. As some of you may know I sell vintage prints on eBay, original prints from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. I have been selling these for just over a year. I have had good results and not so good. Actually, I have realised that about the same time last year I had a good number of sales and started to dwindle around June July time. I thought that after the Summer break it would pick up again. It didn’t really, the odd sale here and there. What I ahve found is that since 19th January until today, 22nd January I have sold three prints and one other when the auction ends this week. That is excellent. The above print is typical of what I am selling. The prints were taken from a book, “Old Christmas” by Washington Irving, illustrated in colour by Cecil Aldin. I will be concentrating on this niche for the next few months. If last year is anything to go by I will continue to sell for the next few months and see where it takes me. Selling vintage prints can be a lucrative niche.

Stuart Turnbull

a very successful marketer got me into theĀ  selling prints niche. I bought one of his products, Print Sorcery, which shows you step by step how to go about it. It’s very interesting. I learnt a lot about eBay, things I wouldn’t have had a clue about beforehand. He introduced me to other sites and software which makes things a lot easier. Stuarts way of teaching is easy to understand and easy to follow. If I have a problem I usually contact him on Skype. All I can say is if you sell on eBay this is an extra income stream. It will help you get started. You are guaranteed a little income, might not be much but can help towards, say Aweber or buy a domain or just help you on your way. A lot of the great marketers started on eBay and that is how they have moved on. That’s about it at the moment about vintage prints. Here is another print.Old Christmas Hope you like them. If you want to have a look at some other prints my eBay username is: planetscotiaprints. Between now and probably June and July there will be prints listed unless anything untoward happens. I research often for new books with vintage plates. There is enough books out there that will probably last a lifetime. I am glad that I found this niche selling vintage prints. Another thing, it’s not only on eBay you sell these prints. There are other sites you can sell on as well. Rememeber you have to scan the original prints, you could also sell re prints or use sites like Zazzle and etsy. The sky is the limit.

Steve Poke

Another marketer who sells his wares on eBay. Steve uses Public Domain in a different way. Steve found a way to use PD to his advantage and came out with this amazing product $50 a Day Auction Challenge. When I watched the videos from Steve I couldn’t believe how easy it could be to earn money using his methods. After purchase, with the exception of a couple of software you need this will cost you next to nothing. You will have ebay and paypal fees but apart from that, nothing much. Steve researches the Public Domain for all types of material, puts it all together, burns onto cd/dvd, inserts into a plastic folder or cd/dvd case and lists on eBay. How easy is that. I have mentioned two very
successful marketers who are both making a good living. I am not sure about Steve but Stuart is doing IM full time.50adaybox I recoomend eBay if you are beginning out in Internet Marketing. You will learn, earn and move on to bigger and better things eventually. But, eBay can be a good earner, if nothing else you can earn extra income.

I purchased Steve’s Fifty Dollars a Day about 14 months ago but I didn’t follow on with it. I have watched most of the videos and will soon begin to put products together. Instead of doing all the burning etc you can outsource to Kunaki. They will do that for you. Saying that half the fun is putting it all together. I’m sure you could do the first few.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do please leave a comment, good or bad. Good luck in your marketing business and all the success for 2013. Enjoy.