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A few weeks ago I had never heard of Gareth Kentish. I can’t even remember how I came across Gareth, but I can tell you now I am so glad that I did. If you ever want to know about eBay and how to build a subscriber list using eBay, Gareth is your man. I bought his last product Auction Money Generator and boy did that help me out. (Read my previous post) List Money Generator is moving on to the next level, how to take it everything further and also to help your own clients build their business. When you log in to LMG you’re taken to the dasboard where you will have a number of tabs to choose from.

  • Dashboard: Gareth welcomes you onboard, gives you a couple of tips on how he finds success on eBay. Easy stuff.
  • Earn Money: If you need to earn extra cash or you do a lot of affiliate marketing then please sign up. You get 51% commission on each sale. Once you sign up as an affiliate you get the tools required to help you along.
  • Free: This where Gareth gives you some free tools to use. A blog report on WordPress Blogs, and some audio which explains the following: Introduction, Starting with eBay, Why build a list, ISA, cPanel and Blog, About Me page, goofbay.com, Google and other affiliate partners, other stuff and a summary. You can listen to audio at any time, whether in the car, doing the ironing or the housework or relaxing with a coffee or beer.
  • eBook:  Gareth supplies an eBook and audio of the course. I recommend printing the eBook and you use the videos and the eBook to help you throughout the course. I read the book first of all and marked pages of importance. The book is an excellent read.
  • Videos: List Money Generator comes with nearly 40 videos for you. You are going to learn loads. You get an introduction video before you start. There are 6 chapters in total with a number of videos in each. At the end there is a summary video congratulating you on your success. I’m sure you will all reach the last video.
  • Resources: This is where you have an option of adding to your income stream, building yourself an enormous library of eBooks,secondly capitalising on sales of your eBooks.
  • Gold Stuff: In here there are more goodies to look out for. More tools, Adding a Video to eBay, Alladins Cave of Suppliers, Buzz Building, Discreet redirections of Links, Finding a Steal on eBay, Your Own Shop, and the Most Effective Formula.

One thing I will pick out is Buzz Building. It’s cross linking members accounts. in your listings you will be promoting other members products. Like Gareth says, It’s a win win situation. You will get more exposure for your own products which is a brilliant idea. Gareth even has a template which you can download and amend accordingly. If you’re like me not techy, he supplies a video and you can watch how he does it and follow suit.

There is a lot more information and goodies to look forward to. I said at the beginning I have only known Gareth for a short period of time. A genuine marketer who will help you and guide you if you have any problems.

List Money Generator

Now is the time to take action. If you are a regular seller on eBay and you want to take it to the next level you cannot go wrong with the List Money Generator. Gareth has worked extremely hard to make things easier for the rest of us and he should be proud for what he has achieved so far. Whatever you decide I believe you will move on with your business, not just with eBay but selling your own products.
list money generatorNow is your chance to move forward, if you have the desire, the will, the motivation. List Money Generator will guide you along the way. At the end of the day if you’re not willing to work hard to move forward then you won’t. I have moved forward with this product. It has helped me no end. Being an eBay seller I wasn’t moving forward. Now with Gareth’s help and List Money Generator I can do that. If you do buy the product and decide it’s not for you or what you expected, there is a money back guarantee, but you will not need to use that. Good luck. Let me know how you get on by coming back to this blog and leave a comment.