Mandy & SteveI was recently reading a post on Barry Well’s blog. The post was about Mini Masterclass and after reading the post you were asked to leave a comment and 2 post would be picked by Barry and the winners woul get access to Marketing Masterclass. Am I glad that I did? I am. Barry picked me as one of the winners and let me tell you what a wonderful membership site this is.

I spent some time going through the site navigating my way around and getting used to where everything is situated. When you first log in you come to the home page. On here you will find five options:

Start Here: Five videos to get you going. First one is a quick tour of the site, then you are shown how to set up your Google Plus account if you haven’t already got one. Next, you are shown how to access the Facebook Group of MM. You are also shown how to leave a comment. This is different to how you normally leave a comment. The last two videos are a tour of the Forum and Chat Room. I am sure that will get you buzzing. Next…

Miniclasses: The first part to this is Blogging. There are 11 videos in total to watch from Basic Blogging tips down to Guest Posting. There are loads here for you to take on board. This will help with if you are new to blogging, even I have learnt something from this and I have been blogging for four plus years now.

We now move to the next part, Profit From Plr. If you use plr on a regular basis then this is for you. Profit From Plr by John Thornhill is one of the best products on the market. First video is an introduction by John. After that you get approx 30 videos starting with how to choose a niche all the way to writing your sales page. Yes, you pick your niche, choose a product and then you change that product to suit you..and voila, a new product…yours. PFP will help you no bounds.

Flipping Websites. This is something I would like to get involved in. What is Flipping. Well, it’s where you set up or buy a website, improve the site to make it more valuable then and only¬† then sell for a profit. Here you have 10 videos, with an introduction video, then shows how to set up your site, with niche research, keyword, rebranding etc. Follow the videos and you cannot go wrong.

Hope you’re getting excited. Before you any further you will be shown all about Facebook Ads, Pinterest and how to create graphics using Gimp, which is a FREE tool.

WordPress. Have you got your own blog? If not, fear not. You will be shown from start to finish on how to start your own blog. Everything is taken care of:

  • Before We Get To WordPress.
  • Getting Started.
  • Adding Cool Stuff.
  • Maintenance & Security.
  • Plug Ins.
  • Themes.
  • Security.
  • Multi Site Feature.
  • Custom Corner.
  • Extras & Other Stuff.
  • Security.

Hopefully by now you should be getting excited. If you are a newbie, this is for you. By the way there is more. There are extras for you. You will receive FREE REPORTS, FREE GRAPHICS and you will to get interviews from other marketers which will be in the members area for you to listen to at your convenience and last you will be able to read case studies from members who have succeeded online.

There is a chat room and forum available. You can mingle with fellow members and chat about, well, whatever basically. How you getting on, help each other etc. I will remind you that it is very important to help your fellow member, that is very important. That is all I have to say about Marketing Miniclasses.

Have I anything negative to say about Marketing Miniclasses? Not at the moment. There is still material being added to. It shouldn’t stop anyone starting and following what is being taught. You don’t want to much material at the same time. If a newbie, get started, little by little, get your blog up and running. Good luck to one and all.

Well done to Mandy and Steve. An excellent product.