I haven’t posted on here since the 1st of May. That’s pretty ridiculous actually, I am not impressed with myself. Well, what can I say about 2013 so far. Not much I’m afraid. I’m still selling on eBay although the last couple of months has been pretty poor to be honest. However, I kept being told that the summer months are usually quiet on eBay with people going on their holidays, kids off school, BBQ’s etc. I guess eBay is not on people’s mind especially with the sort of products I sell, which is Vintage Prints..yes, I get a few sales. Folk like that sort of thing. I usually matt/mount them and put a cover at the back and then they are ready for the customer to frame. recently I haven’t been doing that. is that a reason for people not to buy the prints. I don’t think. Some people would rather do it themselves. For those who would like to go into this niche have a look at PRINT SORCERY, you can do this as a hobby and earn a part time income or eventually you can go and do this full time.

I was meant to have started a product in January, haven’t got that off the ground as of yet, got the idea but it’s the starting process. I hope to get that underway very soon, honest. I will start to gather information and do a little research. I will also use One Month Mentor as a guide which will help me as I go along. One Month Mentor is a 30 day guide on how to create a product starting from the very beginning on how to get your domain name, hosting etc. I don’t have to go that far back. Another product I will use to help is Product Development Control which helps with Sales Pages, Download Pages amongst other things.

I haven’t really got much else to say at the moment but will be back more often with information and let you know how I’m getting on. Please leave a comment if you so wish and let me know what you think of this blog.