Having had no internet connection for nearly 5 days I looked back to 1998 when I got my first computer….for FREE. I was in my last 14 months or so when I would finish my time in the Royal Navy. I had been desperate for a computer since they came on sale. I couldn’t wait until I left the RN and could get a top notch machine when I received my pay off. How did I do it? Well, if you served 12 years or longer the Navy would put you through any course you wanted anywhere, and I believe at that time they would send you abroad to do any course, within reason of course, pardon the pun.

I chose to do a Computer Maintenance course. Four weeks in a college down in Southend on Sea, South of England. All in all the total cost, including 4 weeks accommodation, was approx £2200. I enjoyed the course got City & Guilds and the computer to take home. In fact it was a 12 or 18 month course whittled down to 4 weeks. Don’t get me wrong some stuff went way over my head. I had no intention of ever going into Computer Maintenance; I was there for the computer. I always remember upgrading RAM from 32 to 64. Look how far we have come in 15 years. I went home happy with a brand new computer. We used the computer as part of the course, taking it apart, all the innards on the desk and then start up the machine. Yeah, enjoyed.

Couldn’t wait to get home, set it all up. Next thing was internet connection, the old dial up. Memories, “Get of the internet, I want to use the phone”, used to get that on occassion…lol. Nowadays, not a problem. I remember a couple of years later the computer was getting a bit haggard. I was reading a copy of PC Answers where if you wrote in and explained your PC problem, the magazine would arrange to pick up your machine take it to their offices, get it sorted and would appear in the next issue. I sent an email and woe and behold they did as promised. I had a mention in the next issue. I sent the magazine to a friend so he could have a look and I lost touch with him…lol. Never mind.

The internet was a new experience, not just to me but to a lot of people. I always wanted to work for myself. I signed up to Tradedoubler but couldn’t fathom how it all worked. I signed up to eBay in 2002. Didn’t do anything then either. I had tried to do something online, signed up to a few things on how to make money, nothing was working. In 2008 I came across the Rich Jerk, had that name for a reason. I signed up, received a free WP blog, all set up. My domain: http://www.liveyourlifelongdream.com. I had to pay $140 approx for 12 months hosting. This was exciting. It was the first time I saw video tutorials, good ones they were. I learned quite a lot watching those tutorials. After 12 months and not a penny and the hosting expired, that was that one out the window.

I kept getting the usual emails, nothing of much value, until I came across  an email from Dave Nicholson. I read and signed up to his newsletters and after a while I bought an ebook site, http://www.ebookmall.co.uk. By this time, I was getting nervous and excited. After paying I got my download, you know the compressed file and the instructions. Oh no!! What do I do now? Upload to your domain, didn’t have a clue. I contacted Dave who uploaded everything for me. I signed up to D9 and bought my domain through them… That was me on the way. Didn’t earn anything, I was still a little confused by it all, but a learning curve. Through Dave I got to know John Thornhill. I have purchased a lot of John’s products the first being, How To Profit From PLR. This was an excellent product, great videos to learn from. Over the next few years I have bought many a product from many marketers, all of them excellent products. I have only ever once asked for a refund. My problem was too many shiny objects and not enough learning. I have learned quite a lot but not put too much to any use.

I signed up to John’s Masterclass but had to opt out after a few weeks due to lack of funding. Saying that John was good enough to let me pay monthly rather than fortnightly, but did have to let go. Saying that I built my first blog watching John’s videos, opt in form etc etc, where after a couple of weeks got my first subscriber, John’s report ‘Why you’ll Never Succeed Online’ was the ‘bait’. I’m sure there are thousands of John’s report out in cyberspace. I also learnt a lot about uploading, images etc. It was about the end of 2010 I received my first affiliate sale. I was chuffed and have had a few after that. I even had the honour of being on John’s leader board, made 10th place on day 1 with 1 sale…lol. To say I was chuffed is an understatement. He told me he noticed my name under those who had 1 sale. Thanks for that John, my name in lights…

I haven’t had much success in IM but not to say I don’t enjoy it, I do. I go through phases. For nearly 2 years I have been selling vintage prints on eBay. I got into this niche through Stuart Turnbull, with his Prints Make Profits. This is a very good way to get started online or if you want to sell on eBay. http://www.print-sorcery.com. Stuart is very successful selling on eBay and  his reports on how he finds classic prints to sell online. Stuart is an expert on eBay. If you are interested in selling vintage prints, click on the bove link and learn more about it. You have very little start up costs.

One of my problems is mindset; I keep going from one project to the next without finishing the one I was on.

On Saturday the 19th October I received my first cheque from Clickbank for $178.00, proud as punch. Unfortunately it will take 6 weeks to clear but now hoping there will be more in the future. Need a refresher for Aweber, been that long since I posted to my subscribers, all 15 of them. Better send them some freebies.

I would like to thank everyone who has been good to me; you all know who you are. Well, I’ll finish now and post this as my Internet is back online.