Easy Auction Income

Easy Auction Income

Easy Auction Income is the latest product I have come across on selling on eBay. We’ll call this EAI for the time being rather than type out the whole name. A lot of products promise you the earth and you end up with nothing and an empty wallet. Well today I want to tell you about Easy Auction Income, which doesn’t only talk about the juice, it shows you in fine detail. This product was created by Barry Wells & Steve King, both who have been selling on eBay long term. They got together to create this exciting product, and trust me it’s exciting. They started selling photo prints and after 30 days they transferred £350 (approx $500) to their bank accounts. How cool is that. Barry & Steve had only been doing this for 90 days.

Easy Auction Income is a full on Video Coaching Programme. This shows you how to source and sell their Photo Prints on eBay. There are 14 for you to watch, and then follow what Barry & Steve are teaching. What you do is pause the video and you go and complete that task…simple.

EAI Image

Video 1. Quick Start Video, A quick look at the Forum & Directory.

Video 2. An introduction to Easy Auction Income.

Video 3. Getting Started. ‘Let’s Get The Show On The Road’.

Video 4. Finding The Pictures.

Video 5. Sourcing The materials. All the other stuff you will need.

Video 6. Creating the listing.Making It Look Really Good.

By now it gets exciting. You’re about to create, quite possibly your first eBay listing. Cool, let’s crack on.

Video 7. Costs and profits. You need to work out your cost/fees etc. Need to be in profit….remember that.

Video 8. printers & Ink. Engine Room Behind Your Business.

Video 9. Communication. Keeping Your Customer Informed.

Video 10. Postage. Fast & Free.

Video 11. Feedback. Know Like & Trust.

Video 12. Repeat Business. Earning More Money.

Video 13. Bonus Video. Building An Asset.

Video 14. Getting Started With Filezilla. 11 Part Video Course All About FTP.

EAI Image

After watching and finally creating your own listing you should be good to go. At the end of the day it’s Rinse & Repeat. Keep doing, build up your feedback. Your goal should be to open an eBay store. A lot of positives about doing that, for instance, cheaper fees.

I didn’t mention earlier. You get 40 Free prints to help get you started. You will also be getting  Free listing templates.Withe temples, which are already formatted all you have to do is Copy & Pate the HTML code in the eBay description, add the image URL, switch back to normal viewing and hey presto, listing done. You will need to add your own details. But apart from that you’re good to go.I have very good experience with Easy Auction Income. In less than a week I made 9 sales, not bad going. I still have lots of prints to list in my eBay store which will a potential buyer more options. The potential to make a second income is there. Initially you’ll need to spend time getting started but thereafter 4 or 5 hours per week

Check: My eBay Store

Barry & Steve have done as much as they possibly can to help you get started. You can upgrade to Easy Auction Income Premium. This has a monthly recurring cost of $20.00. I highly recommend you go for the Premium. The added extras you get there is amazing, more Free Prints, more Free Listing Templates and of course the support you get is second to none.

Finally there is a forum where members get together for a chat or support, to help other members with any problems they might have. At the end of the day if you don’t like the product there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I do hope you sign up and earn yourself some extra income to do with as you please.