Window XPMicrosoft has decided to end support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014 which means users like me and millions of others worldwide will have to change their Operating Systems.users will have to decide on the best way forward for them whether it will be another Windows OS or maybe installing a free version like Ubuntu. After this date XP will become unsafe to use as security patches etc will no longer be provided. That will mean a field day for hackers malware writers and ID thieves. However Microsoft pledged that XP users would continue with updates to its free anti virus tool Microsoft Security Essentials until July 2015.  However that will not provide sufficient protection so it’s best to move forward. Whatever next. It will be a sad day. I have used XP for many years now and was quite happy with its performance.

With the April 8th deadline approaching there are potentially 30% of computers still running XP, not only that security experts have warned that 95% of the world’s cash machines still run versions of XP. That means one thing, when XP is switched off……..ooops. Maybe they will change their minds.In the UK the NHS and HMRC are also running XP. Could be a shambles on the way. However, there are companies who will continue to support XP. Google Chrome will continue to receive updates. There are others who will continue to release security updates with Kaspersky pledging to support until 2018. I think I’ll upgrade. I hope my machine is up up to the task of a newer version of Windows, 7 it is.

This is only the start. 🙁 With a new OS you’ll have to back up your files before anything else. Check out this video:

I hope that will help you to transfer your files before installing your new OS whatever that might be. Another good idea is to make a Disk Image in case your machine throws a wobbly and you can restore to exactly the way it was. This is something I’m not very good at. There are several free image back up tools.If you go to this website which is one of the best:

Here is another video by the same chap to help you sort out a disk image.

Finally you will have to transfer your files to your new Operating System. If you are moving to a newer version Microsoft has a handy tool that makes life that little easier, it’s called Windows Easy Transfer, which you won’t find with XP but does come with Windows 7 & 8. I will now find another video to show you how to transfer:

I hope that has helped you somewhat. Good luck with your new OS. If you are unsure of how to do anything explained in these videos go and see someone who does, like me probably… Baarrrryyyy.