My name is Donald MacLeod. I was born on Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland. At 17 I left home to join the Royal Navy. The following year I was drafted to the Submarine Service. I served on 5 submarines throughout my career. I left the Royal Navy in February 2000 having served 22 years.

Since leaving the Service I have had a number of different jobs, some good, some not so good. Some would be a lot better if you had a decent gaffer. Since getting my first computer in 1999 I think it was, I got hooked on the internet and how to earn on the internet. Many years and nothing to show for it.? I didn’t have a clue really, no one to show you the ropes and I didn’t have the patience to be self taught, didn’t know where to start to be honest.

I joined eBay in 2002 I think. Didn’t know much about that either. However I did like doodling about. In 2008 things started getting better. I found Dave Nicholson, don’t know how mind you but I did. I purchased my second website from him (first one disappeared after the first year) and was I chuffed with that. Only problem was I never got much traffic, don’t think anyone bought anything. I didn’t care, I had my own site.

After Dave I got to know John Thornhill. I have purchased quite a lot from John, excellent products that have helped me immensley. My first product from John was Profit From Plr, I enjoyed watching videos, so easy to understand. My initial problem in the early days was uploading.Anyhow, spending loads and earning nothing, I was still confident I would earn a $$ or two.My first affiliate commission came in December 2012, from John’s APF product.

In February 2012 I decided to give marketing a miss for a few weeks. I was getting fed up. Step in Stuart Turnbull. I had purchased one of his products, Print Sorcery, showing how to sell Public Domain stuff on ebay. Needless to say since February 2012 to April 2012 I have earned £165.00. Not much you might say but a hell of a way forward for me. As well as the affiliate commissions I have received for 4 different products from different marketers. Good for me. I still opened the emails with offers etc, and I suppose that’s why I am here using Speedy Profit Creator.If anyone reading this who is interested in producing their own products then look no further.

One last thing. I would like to thank the guys and gals who have helped over the last 3 or 4 years.I hope to meet you all some day, guess I had better hurry……………

I would like to thank Melinda Martin of Scrapping For Newbies for all her kind words and advice in the writing of this eBook and Pete Bruckshaw for giving me permission to use his videos. I would also like to thank John Thornhill and Stuart Turnbull.