Recently I was visiting other blogs. I was browsing, Barry Wells blog, and what a cracking blog it is. I noticed one of his widgets, Alexa,  a place for people to discover information about websites. You can find out how popular a site is, who owns the site and a lot of other features.

If you are a professional or trying to find awebsite on any subject you have come to the right place. Alexa sorts out websites by popularity, whether you want to know a little more abiut a website or whether you are a site owner wanting more traffic, Alexa  can help.

Alexa has many features, features which can help you get a better traffic ranking. Alexa also has its own toolbar and add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome that give you real time information about the sites you visit when you surf the web.

There are other features on Alexa. Watch the 10 minute below and watch. You will learn a lot. This is a video by Rachael MacGregor of Enjoy the video. if you feel like leaving a comment, please do.


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