The title reflects what I am going to have a few short words and then watch the video. Alison was from the Isle of Lewis, from Back, a village about 6 miles from Stornoway. Alison went on to Aberdeen University to do her studies. She went on holiday to India and never came back. Her family still maintain she is alive. This short video was made, her father explains what happened. If this post is read please post on your blog and so on. You will get the embed code at the end of the video. Alison has been missing for nearly 30 years. Wouldn’t it be a miracle if she was found alive. Watch the video, it’s only 5 minutes long and I would hope that you could post on your blog. Remember the internet goes a long way. Maybe you have subscribers from India or know someone that does. Post on your blog.

Alison Macdonald – Keep The Hope Alive from PointMedia on Vimeo.


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