Why do I love Aweber?  I have been with Aweber quite some time now, 2 years in fact. I have very little subscribers but still decided to stay where I am, and I am glad that I have done. I tried one free one but none will come any close to Aweber. I was following a video from Dan Sumner blog on adding an opt in form to your blog. I managed Part 1 ok. Dan supplied the graphics and ebooks etc. I followed the videos to the letter and completed with success. I have done this before but still need to watch a video to do it.

I had skipped video 2 on how to add a pop over. You set it up so when you visit a site the popover will appear after a few seconds. Anyway, starting watching the video and everything was going ok, followed what Dan was doing, pausing the video when required etc etc. I had to log in to Aweber, click on the list I needed for the popover, uploaded the graphic and then I got stuck. My graphic never_succeedhad name and email fields. The name field on Aweber cannot be deleted. This is what I got when I had completed this part. As you can see I have 2 name/email fields. Did look a tad stupid. I then tried to move the graphic where the Aweber name fields were to no avail. the graphic kept popping back up. I contacted Dan, Dan was not available so I contacted Aweber direct to see if they could help. I got a reply very soon after which read:

Hey Don,

Thanks for contacting AWeber support!
Nothing wrong with you but you’ve picked
a more advance use of our web form generator.

Since you’re image already had fields on it,
as part of the images it would make it really
difficult to line them up with your AWeber
fields for name and email.

So! I went ahead and cleaned that image up
and remove the fields there so that you could
use your AWeber one’s on their own.

I’ve created you a web form on donaldmacleodbl
saved as support copy with this all set up for you.
This wasn’t covered in the video so don’t beat yourself up!

Please check it out and let me know if that was
what you were looking for!

If you have any problems or need anything changed up
please don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy Holidays!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist

AWeber Communications, Inc.

I asked her what she did to fix it by using a photo programme to clean the graphic by removing the name fields. She then uploaded to a site to create a direct link. Here is her reply:

Hey Don,

Sounds like a good time!

I’ll outline the steps below:

1. I used a photo program to erase out the
name and email from the photo and used
the following clean version after uploading it
to imgur.com to create a direct link


2. I created a new form and deleted the header and footer and cleared
out the “Email Privacy” and “Powered by AWeber”. Then I used the drop
down menu on the left hand side to choose Body and used the image
above as the background image for the body and then adjusted the
name and email fields using padding under the advanced tab found on
the right hand side. Check out the screen shot below:


And that was it!

I hope that helps but if anything is unclear please don’t hesitate
to ask, I’m happy to help!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist
AWeber Communications, Inc.


I have to thank Aweber for their excellent service. I had the cheek to ask if she could do the same with another opt in form. It was no problem, she asked me to send the graphic and she fixed it for me. with the image that appears on the main page I need to add the submit button. I think I can manage that one myself. The last reply I received from Aweber.

Hey Donald,

Thanks for sending that over!
I’ve created that web form for you
under the connectebay as “Ebay Form”.

And that is AWesome and very flattering! Glad
to hear that you’ve been happy with the support
we’re providing!

If there is anything else I can help you with
please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to do so!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist
AWeber Communications, Inc.

I reckon Aweber is the way to go. Worth the $19.95pm. Totally happy with the way they gave support. I hope this might be able to assist someone somewhere. That’s it folks.


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