I recently was reading a post on Barry Well’s Blog. It is all about blogghopping where you go to someon’s blog leave a message, a message of usefulness. You leave a message that is useful to that person and his readers. You then leave your details and wait for a reply from the owner of that blog. That way you get other bloggers stopping by and if they like your contents they leave a messsage for you and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I was having a peruse at Barry’s Blog when I noticed 2 x2 banners ads, of the same size together, all regimented, in place. Wow, looks good. How did Barry do that?? There was only one way to find out….ask Barry. I did and he explained it to me. I went off to try out what Barry had told me and was totally confused. I went to Barry and conceded defeat. “Barry” I said, I am completely baffled. Barry then suggested to me he would make a video on how to do it. I was gobsmacked, didn’t know what to say and hurriedly thanked him for his kindness. He said it would take a few days before he completed it. Here’s the video for anyone wanting to do the same sort of scenario.

I was impressed with Barry’s attitude towards other marketers that are trying to make it at Internet Marketing. Now that I have mentioned Barry in a post I intend to write about other IM’ers that have helped me and others. I would never have known how to do that particular ‘chore’ if Barry had not mentioned it. You could say, Google or Youtube it which is fair enough. Could still be searching. At the end of the day there is no harm in asking. You can always say NO.

I have to say when I tried this first time I made an ass of it. At the time of writing as you can see I haven’t completed it yet. Getting ready for my second attempt. Please leave a comment. I hope that anyone who reads this and finds the video useful please let me know.


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