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Instant Azon

How many times have you received emails about the latest big thing that has been launched. I will not insult your intelligence
by telling you this is the greatest thing. What I can tell you is that I haven’t seen a product that can build you a store in minutes. With the Instant Azon PlugIn you can build an Amazon store as fast5 as that. Trust me I have checked this out and you can be up and running in next to no time whatsoever.

Also, with the unique ‘instant monetization’feature it is possible to monetize ANY site in a matter of seconds.This really is the fast way to generate multiple income streams I have ever seen and you simply have to check this out. The product was designed by two very experienced marketers and looks like they’re onto a winner, that’s for sure. I personally have not used an Amazon store builder before but they cannot be as easy as this store builder. You can actually set all this up in minutes.

So when those two guys set out to create set out to create an Amazon store builder they knew they had to make it as simple and effective as possible, and they did that with ease. You will have to see how simple and effective this really is. if you go to the page you can watch a video on how to set up your store in under 1 minute, you heard right, under 1 minute.

With InstantAzon you have the power to tap into Amazon’s 250+ million marketplace and create eye catching affiliate based ads in seconds.



My Life Online 2

Well, it’s taken me since June 12 to write the follow up to my previous post. It shows a lot about my buying mentallity rather than the selling. This sort of scenario is stopping me and lot’s like me from moving on in the IM world. This sort of behaviour needs to stop. One way is to start unsubscribing from some of those Marketers. That will be my next step. Keep the one’s that really help you. I will now show you some of the products I have bought over the last 3 plus years. Let’s see how many I come up with. They’re not in any order of purchase.

Product Development Control: This product shows you how to create the best products over and over. This was created by John Thornhill & Dan Sumner, two very highly regarded Marketers. I have yet to finish watching all the videos. In fact I only watched two. When will I get time?

Prints Make Profit: This is one of my favourites. As the title suggest this books shows you how to make an income on eBay by taking pages out of old books. That is something I now do. It’s going well, not making a fortune but earning little bits here and there.

Print Sorcery: Another favourite. Once I read the above book I watched the videos from Print Sorcery.  Seven videos to watch showing step by step on how to source the books needed and how to mount them and onto eBay. This was worth the money. The above book and the videos all produced by Stuart Turnbull.

Public Domain Treasure Hunter: This product is by Debra Conrad. Another excellent product. If you’re  interested in creating products or for that matter wanting to know books that are not copy righted this will be for you. Tons of information.

How Was 2009 For You: This is not a product but a post from John Thornhill’s Blog on how he did in that year. John is very successful online and has helped me in the past. All of the products mentioned I have either bought or given as a bonus.

Free Monthly Websites: Yes, a Freebie. Each month you receive a free website, with articles, and an eBook. All you have to do is buy a domain and upload. You should however, make it unique to yourself as much as possible. You can upgrade, will cost you $10pm and you get three different sites etc with different subjects.

Your Software Website: Your very own software website already fully loaded. All you need is to buy a domain name of your choice and drive traffic to it.

Well people, I have a lot more products that I have purchased. many still in their “packaging” so to speak. Like I said I have spent a lot of $$$$ on these products. Only buy if you are going to use them. Use your $$$$ wisely. Concentrate on one thing at a time and you will move on.

If you concentrate on affiliate marketing and you are on someone’s list you can market their products without having to buy the product.

Thaat’s it for now. I’ll try and post more regular, I promise it won’t be three months. Might even have a new theme by then.


Affiliate Business Opportunities for Everyone

We see so many new affiliate business opportunities popping up all the time. It used to be that affiliate businesses had a certain stigma attached to them because people lumped them in with every other network marketing job out there. People were afraid of being hit up for a “pyramid scheme” but this is no longer what it’s all about. Affiliate business opportunities are growing and there is truly something for everyone. There is a business for every type of hobby or interest, and they can vary based on the commitment required from the individual running it. So it makes a nice fit for just about everyone!

Think about what you are interested in and what you feel passionate about. This is what is so appealing about affiliate business opportunities is that it allows people to get truly excited. For those that sit through a desk job day in and day out with no fruitful results or hopes of climbing the ladder, the affiliate business offers a nice alternative. There truly is something for everyone—business opportunities ranging from coffee to stationary to personal services and everything in between. These opportunities offer people something of interest to stand behind and get excited about, while they can earn a very nice income online. For some, the potential for earning income online with limited effort is the appeal. For others the fact that they can get involved with something they are truly passionate about and make a legitimate business opportunity out of it is the great draw.

It takes a little while to get started with an affiliate business opportunity, so you see many people doing this on the side as they work their full time job. This allows some flexibility and once things really start moving forward, there can be the possibility of making this a main source of income. The nice part is that you are more inclined to naturally get more involved with your affiliate business because it’s exciting and interesting to you, all the while offering you the potential to earn income online from the comfort of your own home. So if you feel stuck in your day job, want something more fulfilling, or are simply looking for another source of income, it may be worth looking at how you can earn income online through your affiliate business of choice. There is truly something for everyone allowing you to really make this business your own.

Affiliate Promo Formula is one product that can get you started. Good luck in all that you do. “Don’t Ever Give Up”