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Easy Auction Income

Easy Auction Income

Easy Auction Income

Easy Auction Income is the latest product I have come across on selling on eBay. We’ll call this EAI for the time being rather than type out the whole name. A lot of products promise you the earth and you end up with nothing and an empty wallet. Well today I want to tell you about Easy Auction Income, which doesn’t only talk about the juice, it shows you in fine detail. This product was created by Barry Wells & Steve King, both who have been selling on eBay long term. They got together to create this exciting product, and trust me it’s exciting. They started selling photo prints and after 30 days they transferred £350 (approx $500) to their bank accounts. How cool is that. Barry & Steve had only been doing this for 90 days.

Easy Auction Income is a full on Video Coaching Programme. This shows you how to source and sell their Photo Prints on eBay. There are 14 for you to watch, and then follow what Barry & Steve are teaching. What you do is pause the video and you go and complete that task…simple.

EAI Image

Video 1. Quick Start Video, A quick look at the Forum & Directory.

Video 2. An introduction to Easy Auction Income.

Video 3. Getting Started. ‘Let’s Get The Show On The Road’.

Video 4. Finding The Pictures.

Video 5. Sourcing The materials. All the other stuff you will need.

Video 6. Creating the listing.Making It Look Really Good.

By now it gets exciting. You’re about to create, quite possibly your first eBay listing. Cool, let’s crack on.

Video 7. Costs and profits. You need to work out your cost/fees etc. Need to be in profit….remember that.

Video 8. printers & Ink. Engine Room Behind Your Business.

Video 9. Communication. Keeping Your Customer Informed.

Video 10. Postage. Fast & Free.

Video 11. Feedback. Know Like & Trust.

Video 12. Repeat Business. Earning More Money.

Video 13. Bonus Video. Building An Asset.

Video 14. Getting Started With Filezilla. 11 Part Video Course All About FTP.

EAI Image

After watching and finally creating your own listing you should be good to go. At the end of the day it’s Rinse & Repeat. Keep doing, build up your feedback. Your goal should be to open an eBay store. A lot of positives about doing that, for instance, cheaper fees.

I didn’t mention earlier. You get 40 Free prints to help get you started. You will also be getting  Free listing templates.Withe temples, which are already formatted all you have to do is Copy & Pate the HTML code in the eBay description, add the image URL, switch back to normal viewing and hey presto, listing done. You will need to add your own details. But apart from that you’re good to go.I have very good experience with Easy Auction Income. In less than a week I made 9 sales, not bad going. I still have lots of prints to list in my eBay store which will a potential buyer more options. The potential to make a second income is there. Initially you’ll need to spend time getting started but thereafter 4 or 5 hours per week

Check: My eBay Store

Barry & Steve have done as much as they possibly can to help you get started. You can upgrade to Easy Auction Income Premium. This has a monthly recurring cost of $20.00. I highly recommend you go for the Premium. The added extras you get there is amazing, more Free Prints, more Free Listing Templates and of course the support you get is second to none.

Finally there is a forum where members get together for a chat or support, to help other members with any problems they might have. At the end of the day if you don’t like the product there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I do hope you sign up and earn yourself some extra income to do with as you please.


List Money Generator

Welcome to the

List Money Generator

A few weeks ago I had never heard of Gareth Kentish. I can’t even remember how I came across Gareth, but I can tell you now I am so glad that I did. If you ever want to know about eBay and how to build a subscriber list using eBay, Gareth is your man. I bought his last product Auction Money Generator and boy did that help me out. (Read my previous post) List Money Generator is moving on to the next level, how to take it everything further and also to help your own clients build their business. When you log in to LMG you’re taken to the dasboard where you will have a number of tabs to choose from.

  • Dashboard: Gareth welcomes you onboard, gives you a couple of tips on how he finds success on eBay. Easy stuff.
  • Earn Money: If you need to earn extra cash or you do a lot of affiliate marketing then please sign up. You get 51% commission on each sale. Once you sign up as an affiliate you get the tools required to help you along.
  • Free: This where Gareth gives you some free tools to use. A blog report on WordPress Blogs, and some audio which explains the following: Introduction, Starting with eBay, Why build a list, ISA, cPanel and Blog, About Me page, goofbay.com, Google and other affiliate partners, other stuff and a summary. You can listen to audio at any time, whether in the car, doing the ironing or the housework or relaxing with a coffee or beer.
  • eBook:  Gareth supplies an eBook and audio of the course. I recommend printing the eBook and you use the videos and the eBook to help you throughout the course. I read the book first of all and marked pages of importance. The book is an excellent read.
  • Videos: List Money Generator comes with nearly 40 videos for you. You are going to learn loads. You get an introduction video before you start. There are 6 chapters in total with a number of videos in each. At the end there is a summary video congratulating you on your success. I’m sure you will all reach the last video.
  • Resources: This is where you have an option of adding to your income stream, building yourself an enormous library of eBooks,secondly capitalising on sales of your eBooks.
  • Gold Stuff: In here there are more goodies to look out for. More tools, Adding a Video to eBay, Alladins Cave of Suppliers, Buzz Building, Discreet redirections of Links, Finding a Steal on eBay, Your Own Shop, and the Most Effective Formula.

One thing I will pick out is Buzz Building. It’s cross linking members accounts. in your listings you will be promoting other members products. Like Gareth says, It’s a win win situation. You will get more exposure for your own products which is a brilliant idea. Gareth even has a template which you can download and amend accordingly. If you’re like me not techy, he supplies a video and you can watch how he does it and follow suit.

There is a lot more information and goodies to look forward to. I said at the beginning I have only known Gareth for a short period of time. A genuine marketer who will help you and guide you if you have any problems.

List Money Generator

Now is the time to take action. If you are a regular seller on eBay and you want to take it to the next level you cannot go wrong with the List Money Generator. Gareth has worked extremely hard to make things easier for the rest of us and he should be proud for what he has achieved so far. Whatever you decide I believe you will move on with your business, not just with eBay but selling your own products.
list money generatorNow is your chance to move forward, if you have the desire, the will, the motivation. List Money Generator will guide you along the way. At the end of the day if you’re not willing to work hard to move forward then you won’t. I have moved forward with this product. It has helped me no end. Being an eBay seller I wasn’t moving forward. Now with Gareth’s help and List Money Generator I can do that. If you do buy the product and decide it’s not for you or what you expected, there is a money back guarantee, but you will not need to use that. Good luck. Let me know how you get on by coming back to this blog and leave a comment.


Auction Money Generator

Auction Money Generator

I have been selling on eBay for quite some time now. I have been doing ok, although it has been very quiet for a few months. As some of you are aware I have been selling vintage prints. However, I have been wanting for some time to move on with eBay but was unsure which way to go. As eBay have a habit of changing rules and regulations I didn’t bother. I just carried on as normal. Then comes along an email from John Thornhill…

Auction Money GeneratorGareth Kentish,  the gentleman who created this product, first of all gives you an introduction about the product he created. I have found this to be the best eBay product I have come across and like I mentioned above this will help me no bounds to move forward where eBay is concerned. The masses of literature you come across online, Gareth has refined a formula that generates more revenue from auctions and listings. This product has been tried and tested by many of the TOP POWERSELLERS. This is different to any text book literature about eBay.

Gareth goes on a little about eBay,  he mentions other products that can complement what you will be taught using his system. They are favourite products of his.

One question he does ask: “Do you think you could make a Full Time income on eBay”? “Yes” is the answer he wants to hear because Gareth himself works full time and has actually moved to France. How cool is that…You will be shown the basics, setting up an account. In fact he will want you to open more than one account and a shop. You will be shown and explained about Cross Linking. How to set up a PayPal account, promote your products. I have wanted a decent ‘About Me’ page, the one I had was not very good. I now have deletd that one and working on another one using Gareth’s method. How to add your ‘About Me’ page to a campaign. How about that.


Why does Aweber get mentioned in this product you might wonder. I did, and realised how many possible subscribers I have lost because I didn’t do anything about it. You have to watch, if you start sending emails to your eBay customers with their permission. You could be classed as a spammer. Don’t want that, do we? Gareth will guide you along the way and get you on the right track. Gareth will show you how to and explain it all to you. Another major issue which I did not know until now is integrating Aweber to Paypal. It gets better. There is a lot more go and have a look for yourself.

Auction Money Generator has helped me loads since I purchased it last week. I watched the videos, reading through the ebook and now putting all that into action. I am now looking forward to setting up my eBay shop, a new ‘About Me’ page and all the other features that will help me along the way. That’s it from me, now up to you. If you use ebay for selling this will be a massive help in moving forward. Good Luck in all that you do.


Why Not Start With eBay!

Old Christmas

My First Post Of 2013

Happy and Prosperous 2013. What am I going to be up to this year. Well, I have decided to concentrate on eBay a lot more this year. In between that I have one or two other projects going on. As some of you may know I sell vintage prints on eBay, original prints from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. I have been selling these for just over a year. I have had good results and not so good. Actually, I have realised that about the same time last year I had a good number of sales and started to dwindle around June July time. I thought that after the Summer break it would pick up again. It didn’t really, the odd sale here and there. What I ahve found is that since 19th January until today, 22nd January I have sold three prints and one other when the auction ends this week. That is excellent. The above print is typical of what I am selling. The prints were taken from a book, “Old Christmas” by Washington Irving, illustrated in colour by Cecil Aldin. I will be concentrating on this niche for the next few months. If last year is anything to go by I will continue to sell for the next few months and see where it takes me. Selling vintage prints can be a lucrative niche.

Stuart Turnbull

a very successful marketer got me into the  selling prints niche. I bought one of his products, Print Sorcery, which shows you step by step how to go about it. It’s very interesting. I learnt a lot about eBay, things I wouldn’t have had a clue about beforehand. He introduced me to other sites and software which makes things a lot easier. Stuarts way of teaching is easy to understand and easy to follow. If I have a problem I usually contact him on Skype. All I can say is if you sell on eBay this is an extra income stream. It will help you get started. You are guaranteed a little income, might not be much but can help towards, say Aweber or buy a domain or just help you on your way. A lot of the great marketers started on eBay and that is how they have moved on. That’s about it at the moment about vintage prints. Here is another print.Old Christmas Hope you like them. If you want to have a look at some other prints my eBay username is: planetscotiaprints. Between now and probably June and July there will be prints listed unless anything untoward happens. I research often for new books with vintage plates. There is enough books out there that will probably last a lifetime. I am glad that I found this niche selling vintage prints. Another thing, it’s not only on eBay you sell these prints. There are other sites you can sell on as well. Rememeber you have to scan the original prints, you could also sell re prints or use sites like Zazzle and etsy. The sky is the limit.

Steve Poke

Another marketer who sells his wares on eBay. Steve uses Public Domain in a different way. Steve found a way to use PD to his advantage and came out with this amazing product $50 a Day Auction Challenge. When I watched the videos from Steve I couldn’t believe how easy it could be to earn money using his methods. After purchase, with the exception of a couple of software you need this will cost you next to nothing. You will have ebay and paypal fees but apart from that, nothing much. Steve researches the Public Domain for all types of material, puts it all together, burns onto cd/dvd, inserts into a plastic folder or cd/dvd case and lists on eBay. How easy is that. I have mentioned two very
successful marketers who are both making a good living. I am not sure about Steve but Stuart is doing IM full time.50adaybox I recoomend eBay if you are beginning out in Internet Marketing. You will learn, earn and move on to bigger and better things eventually. But, eBay can be a good earner, if nothing else you can earn extra income.

I purchased Steve’s Fifty Dollars a Day about 14 months ago but I didn’t follow on with it. I have watched most of the videos and will soon begin to put products together. Instead of doing all the burning etc you can outsource to Kunaki. They will do that for you. Saying that half the fun is putting it all together. I’m sure you could do the first few.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do please leave a comment, good or bad. Good luck in your marketing business and all the success for 2013. Enjoy.


Update On Vintage Prints.

A quick update since the 10th March. I have to say folks since my last post I have had more success selling vintage prints on eBay. In total I have sold 13 prints. That is not bad for 5 weeks. It’s not much but to me it’s hopefully a start. If that is what people want to buy then so be it. They are vintage prints from the late 1800’s and they are quality in condition.  After you mount/mat the prints and put a backing board on it’s ready for framing which will make a big difference. The first lot I did mount the prints but with the second lot of prints I sold as is. People buy with or without. This second lot of prints I have 10 left to sell. the auction finished yesterday and I re listed as “Buy It Now” to see how they sell.

I guess I have a few people to thank for this, but Stuart Turnbull was the one I bought the videos on how to research for prints. These videos go in depth on how to start and so on. Print Sorcery is the product that changed how I go about selling on eBay and am I glad that I did. I would like to hope that if one person reads this post and thinks to himself “That’s what I want to do” then I will be happy. You won’t make your millions overnight but by following these videos step by step you will make progress like me.


Vintage Prints

Hi Folks. It’s just over a month since my last post. It’s not very good, is it. I should be posting more regularly to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in my eBay life. Well, since my last post on the 1st February life on eBay has been treating me really well. Of the first 10 vintage prints I sold 9 in less than a fortnight. How cool is that. If that does not inspire me nothing will. Same goes to you out there. Were you like me, dithering, wondering if i should take the plunge. If you are…….change your attitude NOW. The last print I gave to my sister in law. She is into art in different forms.

I bought my second book for prints and listed them on eBay. It was quiet for the first few days and I sold 1 print. Now there is 18 left. I used the schedule feature on eBay, I used that just to see what it was like. Listing starting and ending on different days. Anyway, not sure if it makes any difference. It’s good to have if you’re out a lot, working, shopping or whatever else you get up to. I had 2 or 3 watching certain prints. There are 2 bids so I know that today I will have 2 sales. The listings are now down to 8. What I have noticed is that these last 8 are being watched. Seeing that, should I have listed all the products at the same time. Would they all be watched. That’s something to ponder. I’ll re list the unsold prints at the same time, probably at a reduced price.

 On the left is the completed listd from my first set of prints. I hope you can make it out. I was really proud of that. The fact is people, you can earn extra income whether to get that wee bit extra per month or part time income or you could go the whole way and do this full time. Don’t get me wrong it will take time to go full time but with time and effort it could be sooner rather than later. I started putting more effort in after my first couple of sales of these vintage prints. Like I said my second lot of listings are on and nearing completion. Out of 19 prints I know for definate I will have 3 sales plus the last 8 are being watched. It’s probable I might get more before the end of the listings.

I have Stuart Turnbull to thank for  this. I purchased Print Sorcery from him last year. I watched all the videos, which, I might add are fantastic. After watching the videos I bought my first book and did nothing for months. After kicking myself in the butt I cracked on with it and now getting rewarded, not much at the moment but hoping to improve in the coming months. If you want to improve your eBay experience then this niche is for you. I am selling prints of plants, all original. You can select the niche you want, but ensure you pick the right niche.

That’s it for this post folks. I will be back soon with more success stories. If you want to improve on eBay……………..



As some of the readers on this blog I am using Public Domain to research, buy and sell products. I am selling Victorian Prints. I researched using videos I purchased from a marketer who is very successful online. Anyway, I purchased a Victorian book with 10 plates inside. I carefully removed the plates from the book one by one and again carefully stored them in a safe place. I put them in a see through envelope, like clingfilm which gives the print a certain amount of protection.

I purchased mounts and backing boards. I mounted/matted the plates ans then put them into a protective see through cover. I took photographs of each print and added to eBay. At last I had my prints online at auction and waiting for my first sale of Public Domain material. I had earlier before I had the prints mounted/matted, put them online. I didn’t think they looked that good with out being matted. That is why I decide to get them all matted. I thought that it would be best if I did that. I decide to conatct the very same person with whom I had purchased material to help me on my way. I sent him an email and asked him for an opinion of my products and how they looked on ebay. This person’s name is Stuart Turnbull, a very successful marketer and this is his reply from my email:

Hi Donald

I took a look at your listings and here are my thoughts.

Title: use the name of the flower and don’t waste space on words that
won’t be searched like “beautiful”

Category: get more traffic by using a second category if you can find
an appropriate one. Try looking under “collectables”

Image: you must scan your plates un-mounted and ideally include a
large very detailed scan in your description, your title gets the
traffic but it is your image that sells the item and yours just aren’t
close and detailed enough.

Start price: remember the magic of number 7! (£8.97 is so much more
effective than £9)

Me page: either use it to establish YOUR credibility (not Jim
Cockrum’s) or delete it

Auction length: I don’t find any benefit of using 10 days, 7 is sufficient.

Description: You must work harder to SELL the items, tell a story,
make it interesting, stress the positives (don’t mention the negatives
unless you have to and then use the age of the print to explain why it
may have a crease or tear – this way you are turning that negative
into a positive!)

I hope this helps you, mate!


I was surprised by what Stuart said above. There was me thinking I had done not to bad with my listing. But, there you go, it was definately a learning curve for me. In another email Stuart told me to change the listing, as long as there have been no bids or "watchers". So folks, take away some of the tips from Stuart. If any readers are interested in Public Domain let me know. Until the next post......


$50 A Day Auction Challenge!!!

$50 A Day From eBay?

Are you struggling to make money on eBay? Would you like an honest, genuine way of making $50 a day from eBay without having to spend a fortune?

In my eyes, the only way to achieve this is to have a products with little competition and massive profit margins. Unfortunately, if you buy any of the 100’s of eBay guides out there, they won’t tell you how to do this. You are more likely to get a 25 page e-Book which waffles on about classified ads, wholesale lists, drop-shipping or cheesy ‘how-to’ e-Book packages. You can tell I’m a big fan right? Thing is, I’ve seen it all before and I honestly thought there was nothing fresh going on in terms of eBay. That was until I read The $50 A Day Auction Challenge.

I’m sure you have read your share of “How to Make Money on eBay” e-Books. The thing I don’t like about many of these is how they sucker the unlucky punter in with promises of how easy it’s going to be for them to make their fortune. While you are lazing on a beach this so-called great money making system will be putting thousands of dollars a day in your bank account on autopilot. Sorry, but pay your $97 or whatever for one of these products and you are going to end up feeling like you have wasted your hard earned money.

The refreshing thing about The $50 A Day Auction Challenge is that it makes no such promises. “Yes”, you will have to put some work in and “No” you won’t be making $50 a day from day one. The author is straight up with you about this. $50 a day might not sound like much but that is what makes this system so great – the target is perfectly achievable for anyone. That doesn’t mean that $50 is the limit. As you delve into this guide you will understand that the potential is in fact, unlimited. Just think back to the $50 however. Who couldn’t use an extra $350 a week? By my maths that’s $18,200 a year. Not bad for a part-time business which you can run entirely from home.

Getting down to the business of how this eBay business model actually works. Well, I can’t tell you exactly (Steve wouldn’t be very happy with me!) but what I will say is that it fulfils both the criteria I set out earlier for genuine eBay success – low operating / stock costs (we are talking virtually nil here!) resulting in huge profit margins and highly specialized niche markets with little or no competition.

If you want to find out more I’m afraid you’re going to have to buy the product 😉 I can promise you one thing: if you do decide to invest in this challenge you will be blown away with the simplicity of the idea. If you’ve sold all of your junk, can’t afford to sell the “high ticket” eBay items or just want to get started out making cash on eBay then this is definitely for you.

EBay is still hot – you’ve probably heard stories of its decline but do you see anything on the horizon that can even begin to compete with or even replace it? Why spend vast amount of time, money and effort trying to find the path to eBay success? Steve has done all the experimentation, all the research for you. All you need to do is follow his example and step by step instructions to create your own residual eBay income for years to come.

The $50 A Day Auction Challenge has shown me the key to eBay success! I suggest you invest in your future right now!

Click Here

If you decide to invest you will not be disappointed.


What To Sell On EBay.

What do people sell on eBay?? Well, all you have to do is go on and have a look. I don’t think there isn’t much that you can buy on eBay. In my previous post I mentioned stuff I sold, initially odds and sods from the house, thingS that were no longer required.

I have tried dropshipping. I sold a few dvd’s but not as much as I thought would have. Maybe I’m not going the right way about it, I don’t know. I had an eBay shop last year and I had quite a lot of dvd’s in it but didn’t do much good. There are also fees. If you have limited funding and you have eBay fees it’s not worth it if you’re not selling. I could have in hindsight promoted the shop better. I’ll have learnt from that experience so when I open my next shop I will be prepared.

Going back to John Thornhill, his shop is unbelievable, full of digitial products on dvd. Products that are, I believe selling well. I will be following Johns methods on the e book front.  Another marketer, a student of Johns has a market on ebay. He sells prints and is doing well, I believe. His name is Stuart Turnbull and if you click on his link on the right side of the page under “Other Cool Blogs” you can find more about it.

Until the next time…


Selling On Ebay

I started selling on eBay about 2 years ago. A friend and myself converted my shed into an office. We got it lined, plasterboard, painted inside, carpet tiles, desks, computers etc. I had power line from my house to the shed, got a telephone line etc etc. It was a fully functional office, we were chuffed to bits. We then got stuff from our respective houses that we didn’t use anymore, books, games, CD’s DVD’s etc and started to put them on eBay. We went into Glasgow to buy stuff cheaply then put on eBAY. We  were stuff bit by bit but nothing major. I signed up to a dvd drop ship company to see if we could push videos. I think I sold 8 or 9 so that was not worthwhile.

I opened a shop and put quite a lot of dvd’s into the shop but nothing ever came out of that. I then followed Johns Powerseller 3.0 and put that on eBay. I sold one, but that was enough for me. I knew it could be done. The shop was closed down because my friend and I stopped working together. At the moment there is no shop. There won’t be for a while until I’m up and running with the Masterclass. One other thing I bought from John in the past is the Profit From Plr:  http://www.learnhowtoprofitfromplr.com John takes you through the process of re writing an ebook from choosing your niche to traffic generation. Click on the link for more info.

“John Thornhills your man, if he can’t help, who the hell can”.

The way forward is selling e books on eBay, I think. If I follow Johns way of doing it I should be ok. Saying that, with me, I’ll probably take twice as long.

Until the next post….