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I haven’t posted on here for nearly a week. I have started another blog, so I was busy doing that. I have also started more training, again, it’s a John Thornhill product. This one is called One Month Mentor.  Just as it says, John can have you up and running 31 days. I am a about a third of the way through. it’s similiar to his Masterclass but instead of 36 weeks he can have you up and running in 31 days. Don’t worry if you don’t. People have vacations and other important things to do. I started last Friday but I am about to start Day 13. Really you can do this in your own time at your own leisure or do it every day. It’s entirely up to you.

I can recommend this to anyone. Even though I am still doing his Masterclass course I ahve found this invaluable, extra information that either wasn’t in his Masterclass or I missed. You can also go back and check and the good thing about One Month Mentor is you have only to go back 31 days. You get the whole package at once instead of weekly videos.

If you want to listen to John’s video on One Month Mentor click on the link and listen to what he has to say. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose. If you know John Thornhill you know you’re getting an excellent value for money for your product and learn how to at your own pace, plus there is always amoney back guarantee.  Good luck


Your Very Own Software Website!

This is my Software and eBook Website. It’s fully pre loaded with eBooks and Software. There is potential to earn a sufficient amount of money. It won’t make you rich but it’s another form of income. Your site will run on autopilot, you don’t have to do anything. Every purchase is a digital download so you don’t have to worry about that. Your site can help build your list. Have an opt in form on your site, offer a FREE product or report and when anyone signs up your list is being built. You can instantly link all the Paypal products to your own Paypal email. Everything done in your admin area, you can change all your details in here whether you want to add a product or remove a product.

How do you get your own website, well click on this link:  Your Software Website Have a browse on the Sales Page, watch the video and I’m sure you will be happy to purchase your very own site. I am certainly happy with mine. You see the image above. Do go and have a look at my site to give you an idea of what it’s like, That’s all I have to say, the rest is up to you. Good Luck.


UK, Soft Touch….

This is a country supposedly £1 TRILLION in debt, can you believe that. School budgets being cut, defence budget being cut, Armed Forces being cut by approx 17 000, fighting a war in two countries. Families faced with soaring food and fuel prices. What happened to the saying “Charity Begins At Home”.  Well, in this case it doesn’t. Our Prime Minister has just given £650 million to help schools in Pakistan.  Beggars belief. Our Armed Forces are being decimated, yet here we are giving money away. It makes no sense. That money could have funded 4000 British infantry privates for 5 years, or pay for 25 deadly Apache and attact helicopters and also train the pilots to fly them. Good ol Britain, stuff our own let’s give money away.

Pakistan apparently spending £1.7 billion on jets and submarines. Surely they can spend money to pay for teachers and schools. UK is ditching jets, ships and jobs in cash cuts…….need I say more. Britain sends £8 Billion a year in overseas aid. Come on Britain look after your own. I’m not saying don’t help other countries but let’s get our own house in order first.

By the way, apparently we have to borrow the £650 million to give to Pakistan. I just hope he doesn’t live to regret that decision.

One more thing. We’re building an Aircraft Carrier, but there are no jets to on them. I’m sure that £650 million could have gone towards getting some aircraft.

End of RANT.


Update For 2011, So Far….

How far have you got so far this year? Have you moved on from 2010 or are you still havering. I was reading John Thornhills post about his year so far. I was astonished at all the progress he has done. The man is unbelievable and we should take note of where we are ourselves and use John as an inspiration. You can see his post at planetsms. Take out from that post what you need.

As for myself I have moved forward but only a small improvement. At last I have vastly improved using Aweber and Filezilla. Two months ago I struggled with certain parts of uploading and using an autoresponder. I am now vastly improved in them both. I now have two other sites up on the net, and . It’s early days yet but hoping to drive traffic to those sites asap.

Now that I’m good at uploading I will be using my monthly Free sites I get. I will buy a domain each month and set them up, different niche every month. In my next post I will the links available for anyone to have a look and see for themselves. At the end of the day they are free. All you have to do is buy a domain for that months niche. there is the chance to upgrade to Premier for $10 pm which I have done.

I hope you all have a very successfull month and a very successful year. Please leave a comment if you so wish and I will reply to it at my earliest convenience.


Clickbank Affiliate Master was created by two very successful Internet Marketers. I’m sure you have come across them already, John Thornhill and Dace Nicholson.They needed to create a discount page for another marketer to promote a product of theirs. It can be a pain in the backside having only one “pitch” page you can only promote one product or service. With ClicKbank Affiliate Master (CBAM) all you have to do is upload to your server and a few lines of text, affiliate ID’s etc etc, CBAM will then generate a code for you. Simple as.

Instead of me explaining click on the link below, read the page, watch the video, explains everything. You will be glad that you did. If you purchase this product let me know how you get on. It will be worth it.

Clickbank Affiliate Master


The eBook Cycle

I downloaded this eBook from a guy called Daniel Sumner .I was wanting to know how he creates his ebooks. I am in the process of re creating an e book and intrigued to find out how he does it. I wanted  to know what he had to offer, what is so special about the eBook Cycle I thought? To my amazement, this was no ordinary eBook, no standard format, single column, basic contents blah blah blah. Upon first open, it looked visually stunning, full of colour, graphics, tips hints and very cool formatting I just had to read on.

Reading through the eBook I immediately found that this ebook was not “knocked” up in an hour or two. It has taken time and effort to finish off this ebook.I liked the way Daniel uses images in his ebook. There is very important lesson to be learned here as if I was being taught by a teacher.

Its a strange feeling when you read The eBook Cycle as Daniel engages you so much, you sort of feel like you know him and trust what he has to say. He lets you into his world and you feel grateful for the information he is providing, and at the same time encouraging you to get to work to create your own eBooks better than you have before

In his ebook Daniel shows you how to:

Why you should write an eBook
What format to choose
Getting started
Essential includes
Getting your eBook ready
Free or paid eBooks
Sales pages and squeeze pages
Payment processors
Marketing and traffic
And a whole lot more
Needless to say I was impressed with his ebook. Very informative and I would recommend 100% to anyone.  The best thing of all its FREE, yes FREE. Download from the link below and come back and let me know what you thought.

E Book Cycle

So my friends have a look at Daniels ebook and let me know what you think.  If anyone wants to get videos on how to re create an e book go here not for FREE I’m afraid but worth every penny.



Will Be Back Soon

Hi folks. I had a few problems with the computer for the last couple of weeks.I’ll let you know in the next few days.Just letting you all know I haven’t left.

Hi folks, that’s me back with my desktop repaired. Fortunately, my hard drive was ok, unfortunately I lost 99% of the contents. All these reports, e books, articles, videos, PDF’s and other stuff. The moral of this story is BACK UP your files every week or even daily. I have suffered the consequences for not backing up. I now have an extra drive on my machine. Thinking that my hard drive was knackered I bought a second hand one from e Bay, so now have an extra one.

If  you need somewhere to save files etc go to, you get 250 mb for your files. You can get an extra 250 mb for every person you sign up, ( need to check if there is a limit) That is a start. Of course there is other ways to save your files etc, like sacing onto CD,DVD, Pen Drives etc. You need to get into a habit of saving your stuff. That’s me back. I will be back soon with more posts.


How To Soothe Your Baby From Colic

Colic is the name given to the sharp, intermittent abdominal pains suffered by 20-25% of babies. Babies with colic are usually healthy, but have uncontrollable, extended crying, which can make parents think that their child is ill. Every baby cries, but babies who cry for more than three hours a day, three to four days a week, may have colic.

Having a baby with colic can cause a lot of upheaval because of the sleep deprivations and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. As a parent you may find it very stressful and upsetting when your baby cries for hours on end and cannot be comforted.

For first-time parents in particular, I can imagine that these long periods of crying can be a shock and a disappointment to discover that the newborn baby is not the bundle of joy one was expecting. Parents may also feel guilty even though they are not the cause of their child’s colic.

Colic peaks during the second month and declines during the third month. By the end of the fourth month, incidents of colic will reduce or stop all together, so that by th time your child is six months old, it will definitely have stopped.

One positive is that colic is a short-term phase that babies go through – by six months, it should have stopped (sooner, if you use the guide on this website). Just remember that your child is healthy and will outgrow the colic in time – it is now a disease or a disorder that can last for several years, or even life.

Also, despite all the crying and screaming, you can rest assured that colic will not harm the development of your child, so that’s another positive.


Happy New Year







How To Be SUPER Confident In Everything You Do Online!

Another post before the end of the year. Something to think of when the New Year starts and if you need a kick up the backside or you’re not feeling confident. This, I received from RACHAEL MACGREGOR a successfull Marketer, a young Marketer I may add. Age doesn’t matter in this game, you need willing, hard work. Anyway, read the report and enjoy.

SO many people online spend dollar after dollar, pound after pound, on courses, ebooks, “guru” trainings etc to try and find out how to magically do something RIGHT – marketing, prospecting, video…

No matter how many courses you buy or study, you will NOT see success until you start taking action and PRACTICING.

It goes without saying, but so many people are stuck in the afraid mindset – afraid to TRY.

They are afraid that if they start trying, and don’t see results immediately, that they will look like a failure.

They are scared to do something that’s not PERFECT, but guess what…you won’t be able to get BETTER if you don’t try.

We say it to our kids all the time but there are SO many adults out there still going in circles to avoid it..

PRACTICE makes perfect.

Scared of doing a video? Just DO IT. My first videos were terrible, TERRIBLE! But now I have people that see one video and want to join my team right away. How did I learn it? I practiced, watched other people’s videos then practiced more.

AND by practice I don’t mean I re-shot every video til it was great. I mean I did a video every day and published it even if I HATED it. Because the more crappy videos out there of me, the LESS I cared about what people thought of me…then THAT came across in my videos.

Scared of writing a terrible article? Write it anyway. Do it daily and publish it to hundreds of sites…soon you won’t care, then you’ll find that your work gets better because you are less worried about it.

I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, that you were looking for some magic answer but really…LOOK AROUND.

Are the successful people in network marketing scared?

Do you see them trying new things?

Do you see them mess up their words and carry on anyway in their videos?

Of course!

They were not born able to do amazing videos, articles, marketing, prospecting…they were terrible on the phone at first too!

The difference is that they kept going until they BECAME great at it.

Next time your mentor tells you to do something, go and do it 100% even if you are cringing inside. Soon it will be second nature and THAT’S when you know you can do ANYTHING.

Need some personal mentoring?

Contact me at to find out more or get my FREE training series here

I hope you enjoyed the report and if you need any halp from Rachael, contact her at thr links above. I hope that gave you some inspiration to crack on with Internet Marketing in  2011.  HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes.

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