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Resell Rights Weekly

I just wanted to let you know that Mark Austin is giving away free Lifetime Memberships to Resell Rights Weekly!
You get PLR to special reports, ebooks, audios, videos, software, templates, articles, and much more. Resell Rights Weekly gives you:

» Instant access to over 212 hot selling PLR/RR digital products worth hundreds of dollars!

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Best of all, you keep 100% of the money when you sell these products, and you can sell them over and over again!

There is no-cost to sign up … but don’t wait long because due to increasing hosting bandwidth costs, the free membership in RRW will not be available much longer! Go on you can sign up to Resell Rights Weekly. I did and I am glad that I did. The content is unbelievable.

On top of that if you want to sign up for GOLD Membership you get 7 days for a $1. Not bad and if you decide to join the Gold Members, well, wait and see for yourself. I’ll let you in on a secret, you can have FREE hosting if you sign up for GOLD. Whatever you do enjoy your stay. Even as a Free member there is tons of help in your quest to be a successful Internet Marketer.

Good luck in all that you do.


Private Label Content

PLR, we see it everywhere. We get e mails daily with offers of free plr/mrr or whatever. Do you get fed up of all these offers day after day. I do sometimes. After all my Hard Drive is inundated with PLR, articles and goodness knows what else. It would probably take me days to go through it all.

However, if you could get 5 different niches every month, all done for you. You could add your own name to the product then you need to go and see what JULIE  STONE has to offer. I have known Julie for quite some time now. She is genuine and the products you get from Julie are second to none. You get Private Label content that you can sell over and over, you get all the tools to help you along. For example for November you would get:  Business How- To, Christmas Nostalgia, Food and Diet Mindset, Healthy Kids, Online Business. All the articles are professionally written, you get the graphics to go with it and the tools to help you along.

That’s all I am going to mention, just click on the link above and have a look for yourself. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed so click on the link above or click on the banner.


Recreating An Ebook

How many of you that read my posts, if any would like to re create an e book. I tried once, completely re created my own e book. Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be a best seller. All I am saying here is, it can be done. When you have re created your ebook, it’s yours. Your name, you’re the author, nobody can take that away from you, NOBODY. All the work was down to you and you get the credits for question, “How do we go about achieving this”.

First thing you need to do is.. Find a Niche that you are interested in. For example write down ten of you favourite topics. Once you have done that whittle it down to three. Pick your favourite one. This is when the work starts. Say for example you picked Golf as your niche. Next, I would go to Clickbank, click on the Marketplace link. Once in the Marketplace , on the left hand side there is a column with different categories. Use the search facility and “search” for Golf. Search by popularity and the best ones will come. Look at the first product and check for Gravity, which is stats at the bottom of the ad. If it has a Grav of 5 or more it’s probably a good seller. However, if you keep looking, you might come acrossa product that seems to be old and tired looking. Check the price. If you think it’s reasonable BUY IT. Don’t worry if it is old and decrepit looking. This is what you are going to re create.

Start by reading the e book from start to finish. Do it twice if you have to. After look at the sales page. How does it look. I’ll guarantee you could make it better looking. You getting the gist now?? In a few eeks time you will have ripped the old e book and made it into your own. You will have changed the Sales Page, Graphics, the Content of the e book and you will have made it your own.

I can hear you asking the question, “How Do I Do This”. Well, go to and read the sales page and if you can do that and re create your first ebook, you should be well on your way to doing well in Internet Marketing. It’s a fair price.I hope you enjoyed this post and if you do go and re create your own e book, the very best of luck.

Until the next time folks. Take care.


Private Label Rights

Back in March I joined Resell Rights Weekly. It’ a FREE membership that allows you download digital products for FREE. These products have Private Lable Rights or Resale Rights. Once you sign up you get hundreds of dollars worth of digital products. Each week two new products are added to the membership area. It’s worth having a look, hey it’s worth joing, won’t cost you a dime. There is also a forum you can join. Everyone on there is so friendly, plenty of help.

You can upgrade to GOLD member for $1. The trial lasts for 7 days when the charge $19.95 per month. Wait till you see what you get for that. You get 30 Profit Making Sites each month, you get PLR/MMR  downloads each month, you get PLR articles every month. As a GOlD member you get FREE hosting for as long as you are a GOLD member.

There is an online university where there are videos, pdf files and tons of other info to guide you along. It is worth having a look. At the end of the day, it’s FREE to join. You can upgrade for $1 and after 7 days if you’re not happy you don’t upgrade. At least you can get the downloads in that 7 days as a GOLD member.

Good luck in all you do. Feel free to leave a comment.