I have now decided what e book to write. I’ve been watching Week 11 videos and reading Paula Brett’s Operation e book. I need to do a bit more research and then get typing. I have written a draft on part of my first chapter then I need to decide the way forward.

I haven’t done much on my e book since I started during the week. I am considering changing again and maybe going to another niche. I am getting an e book re written by a friend for a very small fee. I’ll change the graphics and then get it up for sale. I still intend on writing my own. I’m leaving it until next week. I probably will stay with the one I’ve got seeing as I have started writing. I haven’t done much research either. Need to get my act in order.

Sometimes I haven’t got the patience to do research and when I do I can’t decide what to keep and what to throw away. Typical me. the fact i started writing is good as I know I will get it completed at some point. I need to go. To all those writing their first e book. GOOD LUCK


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