Well I have good news. I had a text message from Jim, my computer repairer. My HDD is ok, no problems at all whatsoever. The problem was in the BIOS settings. I told him I never go into the BIOS settings, to which he replied, “Someone has”. Hmm I thought, did I go into BIOS by mistake when one had too many. No, I wouldn’t have. Anyway, I am just glad it is fixed, that will do for me. A few months ago, I had problems with my DVD drive. I took it out of the computer and got a USB drive from a friend. It seems the drive is working fine so why was it not working when I wanted it to work. Must have been too many gremlins flying about. I am hoping to get it back at the weekend and get back to what I was doing before the mishap.

I was getting a lot of problems, had my e mail hacked, spam emails going to my address book. Got a warning from AOL. I ran my free anti virus, Avast and got the message everything OK. It turned out it wasn’t. I uninstalled Avast downloaded Kaspersky, did a full scan and found plenty of uninvited guests. Make sure you have proper anti virus on your system.


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