Unfortunately I have had a problem with my main computer. It decided it did not want to play yesterday. I switched it on, started loading and then after about 4 seconds, blank screen and the cursor flashing top left hand of the screen. Oh dear! I switched off 2 or 3 times but to no avail, Windows would not load. Not being to technical I decide to try another screen. Didn’t work, computer didn’t even switch on. I then put it down to the power supply, don’t ask why, I thought it could be that. Next door neighbour is a spark, knocked on his door to ask him to check it. NO answer.

My last resort was someone I knew who fixed my machines before. I didn’t want to contact him initially because he lived quite a distance away. I had text him earlier but he had not replied. Last resort I decide to phone him. He answered straight away. he said his phone was on chaege. I explained the symptoms and he says, “Could be anything, but I think it could be the HDD”. I was gutted, I already had put another one installed in January, less than a year, surely not. I asked him to come and take it away and fix it.

I had to drag old faithful from the cupboard, wipe of the cobwebs and flash her up. Not brilliant but can do a job. When the HDD went earlier this year I hadn’t done a back up. Did I learn my lesson, well, a wee bit. I backed up twice, the last time in Sept or Oct. The Hdd that went kaput last year, he fixed but lost all my data so I now use it to back up, but sad that I cannot get onto the computer. Maybe, an external drive for backups.

Moral of the story is back up regular. I will post when I get an update. If I could afford I would have bought  a new one. I did use the wife’s yesterday but only because she was having a lie in otherwise it would have been a nightmare. Bless, she did let me use it until I got this one up and running.

Anyway, as you might have known already I am going to concentrate on Public Domain. I have 2 prints on eBay, have a look, I set a link at the end of this post. The 2 prints are of Wild Flowers of America. I have mounted/matted them ready for framing. I have 3 posters on as well, thought I would put them on rather than in the bin. I’m looking at people who collect posters might have a look. After the 10 period I’ll leave them off and put the rest of the prints. I had a lot of info on my old machine, so have to start from scratch. Here is the link folks. eBay , by the way, I have only started using the shop recently, still to make it look better. Leave a comment on what you think of the prints. Until the next time.


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