Did you know you can get FREE software that is as good as the bought version.  I will show you some and you can have a look and see for yourself.

First one coming up is:

OPEN OFFICE WRITER: An alternative to Microsoft Word, it has a long history, is now used instead of Microsft Word by many people including businesses and other large organisations around the globe. You can use the writer programme to open and save any Microsoft Word document. The menu’s work differently but will be familiar to older versions of Microsoft’s tool. Go to Open Office Writer and have a look for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Next on the agenda is:

SCRIBUS: Is an alternative to Microsoft Publisher 2010 and in some ways more powerful. It’s not as easy as Microsoft Publisher 2010 but includes excellent help and guidance suitable for all levels of expertise. You will find some templates which will help get you started.It can create PDF files ready to send to a printer. It is also available in Linux and Mac OSX. It requires Ghostscript.

Next we have:

AVAST!HOME EDITION: Avast is probably one of the best FREE anti virus programmes around. It is easy to install and register. You can upgrade if you so wish to the paid version but the Free one should suffice.It has a comprehensive tool that checks e mails,instant messaging, web based threatss and network activity as it happens.Of course these modules can be adjusted or turned off altogether, and like any other anti virus it gets on with its job without a fuss.

Now we have:

WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER: One of Windows best hidden gems, Movie Maker 2011 is one oof the best yet. It can import and create high definition video, create DVD’s export videos to online sites and copy them to mobile devices ready to play. Worth having a look.

Last one for the day:

GIMP: An alternative to Adobe Photo Shop CS5. GIMP, the daft name is short for GNU Image Manipulation Programme. It has many advance features and shares a similar menu layout to Photoshop.There’s support for pretty much every image file format you will encounter. You can  learn advanced image editing without spending any of your hard earned cash.If you want to keep your photographs organised there are two free companion programmes, Google Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011.

There you go folks. Free software, that are just as good a sthe paid versions. Until the next time.


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