Hello bloggers and friends and marleters. Here’s hoping that you all have a Happy & Prosperous New Year. I have decided that in the first instance will endeavour to finish any project I didn’t in 2012. Afterwards I will carry on selling prints on eBay. I am also going to engage in Public Domain materials. I am following a chap who is getting regular income from selling PD material. Let’s see how that goes….shall we.

I am looking forward to the launch coming in January. What I am looking for is what bonuses marketers are going to offer. Not that I am going to purchase anything……I did say in a previous post that I would limit myself but won’t be buying many products, if any. If I do I will keep tabs on them and if they’re of good quality.

Short post this time. Will be back in the new Year with another. Promise I will have more posts in 2013. Have a safe and Happy Hogmanay.


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