I started this caper in 1999, just dabbling. I tried a few things but didn’t really interest me. I was just happy to have had my first computer back then. It was probably 2008 I realised there was something. Again I just dabbled. I came across the Rich jerk, heard of him? I got a free website and paid over $100 for hosting. I learnt about links etc and adding your affiliate links to the site. But apart from that nothing happened.I bought my first domain then, liveyourlifelongdream.com. After the 12 months the hosting expired, I didn’t renew.I then bought a domain, getmeanmuscles.com. Don’t ask me why, it certainly is not me that’s for sure.

I can’t remember how I came across Dave Nicholson. I bought the software website of him. I then bought another domain for ebook site and hosting from D9. It was through dave I came across John Thornhill about three and a half years ago. The first product I bought from John was Profit from Plr. I watched every single video and did nothing. I was ‘frightened’ of the product creation. I did create some sort of product. John suggested to use as a freebie but I knew myself what to with it… I need not have worried I had a HDD crash…a fatal one at that. I do believe I might have burnt a copy onto disc…let’s leave that one there shall we.

Over the next couple of years I have been following John, Dave, Stuart Turnbull, Dan Sumner, Barry Wells, Paula Brett,Dan Thompson, looking after D9 with Paula, Randy and a few others. All these guys help me and a number of others I am sure to get ahead and ensure they get the training and confidence to get ahead.

Over the last few years I have purchased quite a number of products, the shiny objects people call them. I have to admit that earlier in this game I did think about products as being  shiny objects but I have moved on from that. I don’t think I have bought a product that I was not happy with. I did ask for a refund once, don’t think I had the product 10 minutes when I asked for the refund. I have been tempted for some, not because the product was of no use but the fact that I probably didn’t need it.

You always get the guarantee with products which is brilliant but I think most people wouldn’t or couldn’t be bothered about the hassle of asking for a refund. Again, there has been two or three times that I was going to ask for a refund but couldn’t get round to looking out the receipt or whatever else I had to do.

I think I have digressed a little. That’s it for now. I have another post to finish, started it last week. A different subject. Take care you guys.

Remember, when you need HELP these Marketers will assist you. One thing though, always help someone else if they require it. Look after your list and they will be there for you.


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