Highland Fresh is located in the village of Milton of Campsie about 10 miles from Glasgow. Their aim is to bring you their finest handmade soaps, using only the best of ingredients. Olive Oil, Palm and also Coconut Oil are used to luxuriate and moisterurise your skin and also includes essential oils and natural extracts to compliment your skins particular needs.

NETTLE Soap: Hand Made, Hand Cut, Hand Wrapped. There is no Essential Oil in this soap,  pure Nettle Extract is added giving an aroma free bar, apparently good for Eczema and Psoriasis.Your Highland Fresh is hand wrapped in MacKenzie Tartan. On the website there is a testimonial from a lady whose son suffered from Eczema and  Molluscum Contagiosum. She was told by her GP that nothing would clear the latter, well, the nettle soap did. Worth a look. Stuart does more than one brand of soap, I wanted to highlight the Nettle soap after reading the letter sent to Stuart and how it affected his Eczema, for the good of course.

If you want to check out  Stuarts website and see for yourself, go to: http://www.highlandfresh.com

Apart from the shop Stuart has a passion for fishing. He is a regular on the Lochs of Scotland although I am still waiting for my first trout, Hint Hint!I believe he enters a lot of competitions so maybe when the season begins again next year I’ll get some fresh trout.

Another passion for Stuart, and he takes this very seriously. He is a member of a Beatles tribute band. They are awseome. They have gigs nearly every weekend, at the very least they have most Saturdays booked. To listen to  “Penny Lane” go to:  http://www.sixtieslegend.com. You can listen to a couple of tracks. I am sure you will enjoy.


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