Another post before the end of the year. Something to think of when the New Year starts and if you need a kick up the backside or you’re not feeling confident. This, I received from RACHAEL MACGREGOR a successfull Marketer, a young Marketer I may add. Age doesn’t matter in this game, you need willing, hard work. Anyway, read the report and enjoy.

SO many people online spend dollar after dollar, pound after pound, on courses, ebooks, “guru” trainings etc to try and find out how to magically do something RIGHT – marketing, prospecting, video…

No matter how many courses you buy or study, you will NOT see success until you start taking action and PRACTICING.

It goes without saying, but so many people are stuck in the afraid mindset – afraid to TRY.

They are afraid that if they start trying, and don’t see results immediately, that they will look like a failure.

They are scared to do something that’s not PERFECT, but guess what…you won’t be able to get BETTER if you don’t try.

We say it to our kids all the time but there are SO many adults out there still going in circles to avoid it..

PRACTICE makes perfect.

Scared of doing a video? Just DO IT. My first videos were terrible, TERRIBLE! But now I have people that see one video and want to join my team right away. How did I learn it? I practiced, watched other people’s videos then practiced more.

AND by practice I don’t mean I re-shot every video til it was great. I mean I did a video every day and published it even if I HATED it. Because the more crappy videos out there of me, the LESS I cared about what people thought of me…then THAT came across in my videos.

Scared of writing a terrible article? Write it anyway. Do it daily and publish it to hundreds of sites…soon you won’t care, then you’ll find that your work gets better because you are less worried about it.

I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, that you were looking for some magic answer but really…LOOK AROUND.

Are the successful people in network marketing scared?

Do you see them trying new things?

Do you see them mess up their words and carry on anyway in their videos?

Of course!

They were not born able to do amazing videos, articles, marketing, prospecting…they were terrible on the phone at first too!

The difference is that they kept going until they BECAME great at it.

Next time your mentor tells you to do something, go and do it 100% even if you are cringing inside. Soon it will be second nature and THAT’S when you know you can do ANYTHING.

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I hope you enjoyed the report and if you need any halp from Rachael, contact her at thr links above. I hope that gave you some inspiration to crack on with Internet Marketing in  2011.  HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes.


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