Who in the Internet Marketing network has not heard of John Thornhill. Well if you haven’t you will now. John is one of the most successful Marketers online, and the most honest, helpful. John has a team behing who are exceptional and I believe, taught by John. John has come a long way since he became successful. He now puts what he has learned himself and helps other Marketers become successful. I am one of these chaps. I’ve still got a long way to go but with Johns help I hope to move on and improve on 2010. i don’t know where to start. I have bought a couple of products from John.

The first product I got from John was Profit From Plr.

Plr is inexpensive and you can be sure that on your hard drive you will find some hidden away, probably forgot about. John will show you how to re create plr.Once you have made that Plr that product belongs to you.. You can sell it, give it away, whatever you want. It’s YOURS.

There are six Phases of Plr success:

Research, Development & Preparation, Content Creation, Website Construction, Review Your Sales Process, Start Marketing, Advanced Strageties.

Apart from PDF files John will be “Right Behind You” telling you all you need to know. There are videos for each section, from buying a domain name to the end product. If you have any problems whatsover John has tremendous support to back you up. If you want to know more about John, Google his name and then see what comes up.

One other product I have bought is John’s Masterclass. This is the one I hope will improve me in Internet Marketing. Another of his products which has extremely well, in fact better than that, amazing. His  MASTERCLASS is so successful, well, words cannot describe. Anyway, you can only find out for yourself by looking at these two products. John has lots of products you can look into. Go to his blog: http://www.planetsmsblog.com

There are so many people who owe John for where they are today. All very successful Marketers, Omar Martin, Dave Nicholson, Dan Sumner, Dan Thompson, Paula Brett and countless others. If I had to raise a glass to anybody, well, John Thornhill deserves it.

I will finish of by wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Slainte Mhatha to you all, and have a sober….ish New Year.


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