First post this week. I have recived Week 7 of Johns Masterclass. I enjoyed Week 6 but on the last video I got stuck. I couldn’t get the graphics to work. I tried a couple of times but didn’t work. I submitted a ticket twice and after receiving a reply, twice I tried to rectify the problem. No can do. I sent John an e mail but asked to contact support. I should have done that that in the first place. Anyhow, John was busy with his latest project.

I sent support another ticket and this time I included blog address, username and password. I asked Paula if she could sort it out for me. I checked my e mails the following day and noticed the one from support. I was praying that it was Paula telling me it was fixed. I opened it up and sure as fate, Paula had sorted it out for me. I still need to send her an e mail and thank her for it. I will also ask her how she fixed it in case I need to do it in future.

All I can say is, “Thank You”, Paula. I find the support from this masterclass is second to none. I can also say with Dan and Paulas hosting account. The support is absolutely brilliant. I will now look at Week 7 and see what the first video is about. I do need to purchase an ipod so that I can listen to Johns audio.

One other thing, I am looking forward to “meeting” this years students.

Until the next time.


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