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I was reading a post on John Thornhill’s blog. It was a post from 2009 which he re posted in June this year. It inspired me to my “Life Online” which started way back in 2000. Back then a computer was new to me, never mind the internet. Here’s how it started.

I was in the RN for 22 years. If you served a minum number of years you could do any course you wanted and I mean any. I didn’t know what course to do, there was so many. Anyway, I decided on Computer Maintenance, I don’t know why but I did and I’m glad that I did. I had to go to Southend – On- Sea for a 4 week course. Everything paid for. I had a great time down there, good laugh. There were about 12 students. If I remember correctly the reason I did the course was that on completion we got to keep the computers which was the base, monitor, keyboard and mouse. It was an interesting course. We had to open the base, take everything out, put back together on the desk and switch on to make sure it worked. Waiting for the right beeps. Brilliant. Before we left we were given an option to upgrade memory for £10.00. I think most us did….from 32mb to 64mb. Now that was back in the day.

I got back home after 4 weeks set up the computer and dabbled. It was dial up in those days, and if the computer went haywire I could usually fix it. It did go haywire once. I was reading an article in a computer magazine and you could send in your fault and if you got picked (which I did) they picked up your machine, fix it and an article in the next months magazine edition. Chuffed. I sent the magazine to one of the guys I knew on the course and never got it
I always wanted to earn money being self employed. I started to find the internet more and more exciting, the information was unbelievable. I came across lots of different ideas. I stumbled on Tradedoubler, looked into that for ages but didn’t really know what to do. Another time I bought 2 sites, one I think was a music site, the other was a site for womens clothes…nothing happened there. I dabbled, never got anywhere.

Fast forward a few years and I bought my first domain and site,the site was built for me, It was a WP site and my first experience of video tutorials. I added a few links, posts etc, but never got any traffic. I had to buy a years hosting and after the 12 months was up I didn’t bother renewing.

Eventually, I got lucky. I don’t recall how but I came across Dave Nicholson. I bought a site from Dave for $67. I signed up to D9 hosting whic I believe from Dave’s link, bought the domain. I didn’t have a clue how to upload. There was something the matter with what I had downloaded. I contacted Dave, he uploaded evrything for me at no extra cost…bless him. My site and guess what, I haven’t had one buyer, nobody has purchased anything….again to do with traffic. I followed Dave after that for a while, getting more and more interested in online marketing. It was a few weeks after that I came across John Thornhill. I am extremely grateful that I came across those two. Two extremely talented marketers who have done exceptionally well online and also help newbies along the way. In my next post I will let you know what products I got either paid or free or on offer. Until then stay cool.


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