I read an an article about a young woman who won’t go to work but “screw” the system. She goes to her local Job Centre every fortnight to sign on and state that she has been looking for work, when in fact she wasn’t. She got herself pregnant after two miscarriages. She now has her own house which is paid for by the state, she gets £160 a fortnight, I believe and gets stuff for her baby. She also has Sky television. She also likes to party and gets bad hangovers.

When she goes for an interview she doesn’t dress properly for it, looks uninterested so she doesn’t get the job.What is happening to this once great coutry, our Armed Forces are dwidling. Once a great Naval force, we will soon have  the second smallest Navy after Portugal.

When you get people who work their backsides off to earn a living and then you read about people who refuse to work and live off the State. I hope that this government do what they are promising to do and stop peoples benefits or reduce them to make them go and look for work.

I will be back soon..


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