It’s going to be a small post today. It has been a quiet week for me in my Masterclass. It was one video which I couldn’t finish and I had to contact Paula at Support. Where would I be without Support. Probably still on Week 6. I thing when I had problems with the graphics. I need to find out what Paula did to fix the problem. Week 7 was downloading the widlink plug in. I managed to everything that John did on the video, until that is I logged into my dashboard and plug ins and found that the plug in was not there.

Other news. Is it not justified that at long last pensioners are to get more money. High time that they did. Wayne Rooney is happy that he is now earning £250 000 per week. SHOCKING, especially with the state of this country. I wonder if that is before or after tax. I wonder who pays the tax. Anyway, good luck to the guy. I’m sure we all would happily take a quarter of a million a week.

News last week was that we sent £4 billion on aid to foreign countries, some of these countries house terrosists. Is some of that money used in funding terrorists. I do believe we should help out poorer countries but I think it is now time to reduce that and use to fund our own country. Britain now has an Aircraft Carrier but no aircraft to put on it. How stupid is that. And some of that £4billion could help our Military, new hospitals etc etc. I think Britain have gone too soft. It’s time to look after No. 1.

That’s it folks. Talk soon.


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