My 2012 Purchases

For this post I decided to check out the products I bought in 2012. Not all products are mentioned, probably because I deleted the receipt. So here goes folks.  I am not saying that I should or should not have bought these products or that any of these were or were not a waste of money. In fact they are all good products, some better than others. There were one or two bought twice, why, to get a bonus I was looking to get. Is that daft or what, or is it reasonable that to buy a product twice because the bonuses were good. Well, one of the bonuses was the marketer was giving away his prize money to those that bought the product through his link. I never got my share, I sent in my receipt but I was probably too late. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, win some, lose some. Go to Dan Sumner’s Blog and see what his take is on buying more the same product more than once for decent bonuses.

I can say that some of these products have only seen the light of day a couple of times. I suppose that could be seen as a waste of money. Could I be seen as a hoarder..?lol, I have been renowned to keep stuff I don’t really need. “I might need it one day.” Well, you never know when that time will come about. I will now list the items I bought. The total approximately was $287.73. Had to convert some of the prices so give or take.

24/1/12 – Amir Rimer Flipcourse

06/2/12 – Fan Page Traffic System

19/2/12- Marketing With Alex

02/3/12- Timeline Pages For Business

03/3/12- CB Affiliate Master (WSO)

03/3/12- Digital Media Solution

16/3/12- Auction Classified Cash

17/3/12- Audio Membership Site Video

22/4/12- Speedy Profit Creator

24/4/12- Proof Guide-Natural History

26/5/12- List Building Avalanche

07/6/12- Product Development Control

28/6/12- Public Domain Treasure Hunter

29/6/12- Auction Profit Formula

15/8/12- Magic Affiliate Sales

21/8/12- Job Crusher: bought for a bonus

23/8/12- Job Crusher: bought for a bonus

15/9/12- Automatic Auction Traffic

25/9/12- Prints Make Profits – Mini Guide

8/10/12- Bloggers Road Map

29/10/12- List Building Class

29/10/12- Simple traffic Solutions   I joined the Inner Circle Membership

Well folks that’s just about it. I did buy into a membership in December but will be cancelling that shortly. I will now list the products I have bought in the last 3years. I think I’ll be able to list most of them. I could go back a wee bit longer but  not worth what I bought. I can’t remember how but I came across Dave Nicholson but I did and bought Your Software Website and this is my version: ebookmall . From then on in no particular order:

Profit From Plr Can get as a WSO

Affiliate Promo Formula

Boomerang List Builder

Total Web Traffic

Clickbank Ad Rotator

Free Monthly Websites

My FB Fanpage

One Month Mentor

Butterfly Marketing

30 Day Traffic

Pieces Make Profits

Print Sorcery

JT Masterclass Trial

Multi Profit Monthly  Month 7 you are given a free product to promote.


That’s it folks. I have missed out some products. I think that’s more than enough, don’t you think. What do you guys and gals think. Shiny object syndrome? Can’t help it syndrome? Is the best way forward unsubscribing from these marketers so as not to be tempted. I don’t know. I have started unsubscribing. If I don’t keep up with emails I get inundated. I sign up to a free report, enter email etc. Another mailing added to. I will continue to unsubscribe from a lot of marketers. The exception to the rule is the ones I want to keep. Saying that subscribed to same marketers more than once, could reduce that as well.

I know the ones I will keep as I am sure any readers will know who they want to hold on to. You have to be faithful as these are the guys that are helping you along the path to, hopefully success. What I would recommend pick the six marketers that help you the most, not with freebies but actually get stuck in when you are pulling your hair out. Recently I was stuck. I was talking to a certain gentleman about my problem. He says, “Don’t worry; I’ll shoot you a video.” He’s on my Christmas card list…for next year…lol. I was so grateful.

Another thought to ponder over. How many emails do you get from marketers promoting the same product? Quite a few, I know. I could name you a dozen in seconds. Do you get hacked off with all these emails? I did but now when you get the emails you usually know by the title what the product is as you have received so many. I usually just delete without opening….sorry people.

In 2013 I will change my mindset and move on. I have said that before but I need to otherwise I will have more products than you can shake a hairy stick at. I know there are a couple of launches looming, Thornhill, Nicholson, Cheney and Martin in January. I cannot wait for that launch to see the product. Be Strong Donald, Be Strong. I’ll guarantee there will be strong bonuses that will be hard to knockback. That mindset is changing. In the last few launches marketers are offering unbelievable bonuses to buy through their link whether you are going to use the product or not. You end up with tons of products and bonuses and a Hard Drive that’s bursting to the gunnels.

There are also prizes for affiliates which is a great incentive. I have had the pleasure of making a leader board on a product I was promoting for John Thornhill. It was Day 1 and I made No. 10 with 1 sale. Was I chuffed or what. I took a photo and I have that image stored somewhere on my Hard Drive.

I’m off. Hope you enjoyed this post and not too long. Please feel free to leave a comment.


Aweber And Why I Love It.

Why do I love Aweber?  I have been with Aweber quite some time now, 2 years in fact. I have very little subscribers but still decided to stay where I am, and I am glad that I have done. I tried one free one but none will come any close to Aweber. I was following a video from Dan Sumner blog on adding an opt in form to your blog. I managed Part 1 ok. Dan supplied the graphics and ebooks etc. I followed the videos to the letter and completed with success. I have done this before but still need to watch a video to do it.

I had skipped video 2 on how to add a pop over. You set it up so when you visit a site the popover will appear after a few seconds. Anyway, starting watching the video and everything was going ok, followed what Dan was doing, pausing the video when required etc etc. I had to log in to Aweber, click on the list I needed for the popover, uploaded the graphic and then I got stuck. My graphic never_succeedhad name and email fields. The name field on Aweber cannot be deleted. This is what I got when I had completed this part. As you can see I have 2 name/email fields. Did look a tad stupid. I then tried to move the graphic where the Aweber name fields were to no avail. the graphic kept popping back up. I contacted Dan, Dan was not available so I contacted Aweber direct to see if they could help. I got a reply very soon after which read:

Hey Don,

Thanks for contacting AWeber support!
Nothing wrong with you but you’ve picked
a more advance use of our web form generator.

Since you’re image already had fields on it,
as part of the images it would make it really
difficult to line them up with your AWeber
fields for name and email.

So! I went ahead and cleaned that image up
and remove the fields there so that you could
use your AWeber one’s on their own.

I’ve created you a web form on donaldmacleodbl
saved as support copy with this all set up for you.
This wasn’t covered in the video so don’t beat yourself up!

Please check it out and let me know if that was
what you were looking for!

If you have any problems or need anything changed up
please don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy Holidays!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist

AWeber Communications, Inc.

I asked her what she did to fix it by using a photo programme to clean the graphic by removing the name fields. She then uploaded to a site to create a direct link. Here is her reply:

Hey Don,

Sounds like a good time!

I’ll outline the steps below:

1. I used a photo program to erase out the
name and email from the photo and used
the following clean version after uploading it
to to create a direct link

2. I created a new form and deleted the header and footer and cleared
out the “Email Privacy” and “Powered by AWeber”. Then I used the drop
down menu on the left hand side to choose Body and used the image
above as the background image for the body and then adjusted the
name and email fields using padding under the advanced tab found on
the right hand side. Check out the screen shot below:

And that was it!

I hope that helps but if anything is unclear please don’t hesitate
to ask, I’m happy to help!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist
AWeber Communications, Inc.


I have to thank Aweber for their excellent service. I had the cheek to ask if she could do the same with another opt in form. It was no problem, she asked me to send the graphic and she fixed it for me. with the image that appears on the main page I need to add the submit button. I think I can manage that one myself. The last reply I received from Aweber.

Hey Donald,

Thanks for sending that over!
I’ve created that web form for you
under the connectebay as “Ebay Form”.

And that is AWesome and very flattering! Glad
to hear that you’ve been happy with the support
we’re providing!

If there is anything else I can help you with
please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to do so!

Jessica W
Customer Solutions Specialist
AWeber Communications, Inc.

I reckon Aweber is the way to go. Worth the $19.95pm. Totally happy with the way they gave support. I hope this might be able to assist someone somewhere. That’s it folks.


Help When Needed

I started this caper in 1999, just dabbling. I tried a few things but didn’t really interest me. I was just happy to have had my first computer back then. It was probably 2008 I realised there was something. Again I just dabbled. I came across the Rich jerk, heard of him? I got a free website and paid over $100 for hosting. I learnt about links etc and adding your affiliate links to the site. But apart from that nothing happened.I bought my first domain then, After the 12 months the hosting expired, I didn’t renew.I then bought a domain, Don’t ask me why, it certainly is not me that’s for sure.

I can’t remember how I came across Dave Nicholson. I bought the software website of him. I then bought another domain for ebook site and hosting from D9. It was through dave I came across John Thornhill about three and a half years ago. The first product I bought from John was Profit from Plr. I watched every single video and did nothing. I was ‘frightened’ of the product creation. I did create some sort of product. John suggested to use as a freebie but I knew myself what to with it… I need not have worried I had a HDD crash…a fatal one at that. I do believe I might have burnt a copy onto disc…let’s leave that one there shall we.

Over the next couple of years I have been following John, Dave, Stuart Turnbull, Dan Sumner, Barry Wells, Paula Brett,Dan Thompson, looking after D9 with Paula, Randy and a few others. All these guys help me and a number of others I am sure to get ahead and ensure they get the training and confidence to get ahead.

Over the last few years I have purchased quite a number of products, the shiny objects people call them. I have to admit that earlier in this game I did think about products as being  shiny objects but I have moved on from that. I don’t think I have bought a product that I was not happy with. I did ask for a refund once, don’t think I had the product 10 minutes when I asked for the refund. I have been tempted for some, not because the product was of no use but the fact that I probably didn’t need it.

You always get the guarantee with products which is brilliant but I think most people wouldn’t or couldn’t be bothered about the hassle of asking for a refund. Again, there has been two or three times that I was going to ask for a refund but couldn’t get round to looking out the receipt or whatever else I had to do.

I think I have digressed a little. That’s it for now. I have another post to finish, started it last week. A different subject. Take care you guys.

Remember, when you need HELP these Marketers will assist you. One thing though, always help someone else if they require it. Look after your list and they will be there for you.


Barry Wells

I recently was reading a post on Barry Well’s Blog. It is all about blogghopping where you go to someon’s blog leave a message, a message of usefulness. You leave a message that is useful to that person and his readers. You then leave your details and wait for a reply from the owner of that blog. That way you get other bloggers stopping by and if they like your contents they leave a messsage for you and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I was having a peruse at Barry’s Blog when I noticed 2 x2 banners ads, of the same size together, all regimented, in place. Wow, looks good. How did Barry do that?? There was only one way to find out….ask Barry. I did and he explained it to me. I went off to try out what Barry had told me and was totally confused. I went to Barry and conceded defeat. “Barry” I said, I am completely baffled. Barry then suggested to me he would make a video on how to do it. I was gobsmacked, didn’t know what to say and hurriedly thanked him for his kindness. He said it would take a few days before he completed it. Here’s the video for anyone wanting to do the same sort of scenario.

I was impressed with Barry’s attitude towards other marketers that are trying to make it at Internet Marketing. Now that I have mentioned Barry in a post I intend to write about other IM’ers that have helped me and others. I would never have known how to do that particular ‘chore’ if Barry had not mentioned it. You could say, Google or Youtube it which is fair enough. Could still be searching. At the end of the day there is no harm in asking. You can always say NO.

I have to say when I tried this first time I made an ass of it. At the time of writing as you can see I haven’t completed it yet. Getting ready for my second attempt. Please leave a comment. I hope that anyone who reads this and finds the video useful please let me know.


Simple Traffic Solutions

Simple Traffic Solutions

Yes it is that simple. I purchased this product recentlysimple_traffic_solutions from John Thornhill. John was banned by Google a few years ago for what reason I do not know. John then had to find his own traffic methods  which he did and eventually came up with this product so that the rest of us can follow what he did. He got over 2 Billion page impressions and it didn’t cost him one cent, all FREE. I guess there is a big chance that if we follow John’s tactics we all will get some traffic, maybe not 2 Billion but I’m sure we can improve on our current traffic.

Simple Traffic Solutions

gives you 50 modules. These modules come in different formats. Whether you are at home, work, or where ever you’ll be able to watch, listen or read using the web, MP 3, mp 4,iPod, iPad, PDF or in transcript form. So, no excuses. You will also get a mindmap and  worksheets. With the worksheets you can tick off when completed. Keep tabs with how you are doing.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a newbie this is for you. To generate traffic for free is unbelievable. You’ll be up and running in next to no time.

Simple Traffic Solutions

is the best product on the market. You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on paid traffic. Why would you anyway when you can do it for free. This product costs £4.95, can you believe that. For that you get tons of information on how to generate traffic for free. I know, I am repeating myself but it’s so hard to believe what you get.


That is all I am going to say on the matter. It’s self explanatory, it’s in the title. All I can say is go and have a look, read the page, read the testimonials from what other well known marketers have to say. At the end of the day it’s only $4.95, price of a Burger & Fries. I am sure you would not miss that at all. If you do decide to buy and you do not like it, you can have your money back…. a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Contact John’s Support and he will reimbursh you. After buying this product there is no way you’ll want your money back. You will be too busy getting traffic to your sites. Please feel free and leave a comment.        Simple Traffic Solutions


The Latest From Me!

Not much to say in this post. As you may have noticed I have changed themes and now I have some work to do to get it the way I want. I’ll need to watch some videos on how to do that but that’s OK, I have plenty of videos to show me.  I’ll be doing that in my spare time. At the moment I am concentrating more on eBay. As you are probably aware I sell vintage prints which seems to be taking off again after a quiet spell during the summer. I am currently waiting for more prints and at this moment got my eye on a book on eBay. It’s an exciting way to earn that little bit of extra cash, it’s an excellent hobby and would suggest anyone to take this up.

If you need more info check this out: and then you can see for yourself. Watch the video and learn more. I did write an eBook but it’s not online just yet. It will be in the coming weeks. That’s it for now. I know it’s only a small post but I will be back soon. Until the next time folks, take care.


My Life Online 2

Well, it’s taken me since June 12 to write the follow up to my previous post. It shows a lot about my buying mentallity rather than the selling. This sort of scenario is stopping me and lot’s like me from moving on in the IM world. This sort of behaviour needs to stop. One way is to start unsubscribing from some of those Marketers. That will be my next step. Keep the one’s that really help you. I will now show you some of the products I have bought over the last 3 plus years. Let’s see how many I come up with. They’re not in any order of purchase.

Product Development Control: This product shows you how to create the best products over and over. This was created by John Thornhill & Dan Sumner, two very highly regarded Marketers. I have yet to finish watching all the videos. In fact I only watched two. When will I get time?

Prints Make Profit: This is one of my favourites. As the title suggest this books shows you how to make an income on eBay by taking pages out of old books. That is something I now do. It’s going well, not making a fortune but earning little bits here and there.

Print Sorcery: Another favourite. Once I read the above book I watched the videos from Print Sorcery.  Seven videos to watch showing step by step on how to source the books needed and how to mount them and onto eBay. This was worth the money. The above book and the videos all produced by Stuart Turnbull.

Public Domain Treasure Hunter: This product is by Debra Conrad. Another excellent product. If you’re  interested in creating products or for that matter wanting to know books that are not copy righted this will be for you. Tons of information.

How Was 2009 For You: This is not a product but a post from John Thornhill’s Blog on how he did in that year. John is very successful online and has helped me in the past. All of the products mentioned I have either bought or given as a bonus.

Free Monthly Websites: Yes, a Freebie. Each month you receive a free website, with articles, and an eBook. All you have to do is buy a domain and upload. You should however, make it unique to yourself as much as possible. You can upgrade, will cost you $10pm and you get three different sites etc with different subjects.

Your Software Website: Your very own software website already fully loaded. All you need is to buy a domain name of your choice and drive traffic to it.

Well people, I have a lot more products that I have purchased. many still in their “packaging” so to speak. Like I said I have spent a lot of $$$$ on these products. Only buy if you are going to use them. Use your $$$$ wisely. Concentrate on one thing at a time and you will move on.

If you concentrate on affiliate marketing and you are on someone’s list you can market their products without having to buy the product.

Thaat’s it for now. I’ll try and post more regular, I promise it won’t be three months. Might even have a new theme by then.


My Life Online

My Life Online

I was reading a post on John Thornhill’s blog. It was a post from 2009 which he re posted in June this year. It inspired me to my “Life Online” which started way back in 2000. Back then a computer was new to me, never mind the internet. Here’s how it started.

I was in the RN for 22 years. If you served a minum number of years you could do any course you wanted and I mean any. I didn’t know what course to do, there was so many. Anyway, I decided on Computer Maintenance, I don’t know why but I did and I’m glad that I did. I had to go to Southend – On- Sea for a 4 week course. Everything paid for. I had a great time down there, good laugh. There were about 12 students. If I remember correctly the reason I did the course was that on completion we got to keep the computers which was the base, monitor, keyboard and mouse. It was an interesting course. We had to open the base, take everything out, put back together on the desk and switch on to make sure it worked. Waiting for the right beeps. Brilliant. Before we left we were given an option to upgrade memory for £10.00. I think most us did….from 32mb to 64mb. Now that was back in the day.

I got back home after 4 weeks set up the computer and dabbled. It was dial up in those days, and if the computer went haywire I could usually fix it. It did go haywire once. I was reading an article in a computer magazine and you could send in your fault and if you got picked (which I did) they picked up your machine, fix it and an article in the next months magazine edition. Chuffed. I sent the magazine to one of the guys I knew on the course and never got it
I always wanted to earn money being self employed. I started to find the internet more and more exciting, the information was unbelievable. I came across lots of different ideas. I stumbled on Tradedoubler, looked into that for ages but didn’t really know what to do. Another time I bought 2 sites, one I think was a music site, the other was a site for womens clothes…nothing happened there. I dabbled, never got anywhere.

Fast forward a few years and I bought my first domain and site,the site was built for me, It was a WP site and my first experience of video tutorials. I added a few links, posts etc, but never got any traffic. I had to buy a years hosting and after the 12 months was up I didn’t bother renewing.

Eventually, I got lucky. I don’t recall how but I came across Dave Nicholson. I bought a site from Dave for $67. I signed up to D9 hosting whic I believe from Dave’s link, bought the domain. I didn’t have a clue how to upload. There was something the matter with what I had downloaded. I contacted Dave, he uploaded evrything for me at no extra cost…bless him. My site and guess what, I haven’t had one buyer, nobody has purchased anything….again to do with traffic. I followed Dave after that for a while, getting more and more interested in online marketing. It was a few weeks after that I came across John Thornhill. I am extremely grateful that I came across those two. Two extremely talented marketers who have done exceptionally well online and also help newbies along the way. In my next post I will let you know what products I got either paid or free or on offer. Until then stay cool.


Straightforward and right to the point… Speedy Profit Creator is the bomb. This thing is absolutely jampacked with content and not fluff. There are several components that make up speedy profit creator and every single one is worth its weight in gold. For starters there’s a free report, and this is a great place to start if you just want to get your feet wet before you dive in and make a decision on purchasing the product. Not that this purchase requires a family meeting or anything I mean it’s only five bucks! The free report is called the five-step jumpstart it to 15 page PDF that basically walks you through how to create a lean magnet to attract prospects into your business. The report comes with a video tutorial that actually shows you what to do. To add even more value they throw in two additional videos to teach you how to build a proper squeeze page drive traffic and monetize your lead magnet… Absolutely free they just ask that you spread the word on Facebook or twitter to return the favor.

So here’s what you get for five bucks, first of all the five dollar price is on the WSO offer. I’m pretty sure this thing sells for a lot more on the regular sales page so make sure you buy it through the WSO link so you can save some money. The basic offer gets you an entry-level membership to the site where you have access to all the promo tools so you can promote a product obviously the free report and the jumpstart videos plus the e-book and audio course. The e-book is 40 pages of instructional content packed with resource links. Most of the links are two pretty cool online websites that provide a free alternative to expensive software when it comes to creating digital products. There’s also links in there to some paid stuff and I can totally understand why they included these because they are truly helpful things and some pretty good deals too.

The e-book is very nicely produced and you can tell that this isn’t just something that got slapped together in 15 min. to try and bait people into a bigger one time offer or something like that. From the graphics of the layout this thing is first class with built-in internal navigation links and the works. There are seven sections to the e-book which cover:

Creating the plan
Selecting a product
Domain hosting
Modifying an existing PLR product
Creating a product from scratch
Creating graphics
Creating a sales page
Driving traffic

The e-book is very concise and my favorite part is that it comes with a very well produced audio version where each one of the chapters is a downloadable MP3 file that you can put on your iPod or on your desktop for later. You can also just click the play button for each chapter and listen to it right on the website so these are pretty neat features.

As a basic member you also have access to the resources page which are basically offers two similar products and there’s also a non-advertised free bonus in there which is totally free and I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to mention what it is here but trust me it’s at least a $20 value and you’re gonna love it if you’re into private label rights products and product creation.

They also offer a $27 membership which is called the “pro member” I can’t stress how much this is worth the investment of an extra for $22. As a matter fact you should just go ahead and grab the Pro membership right from the jump because I assure you you’re gonna love this. They give you a PLR product library of 40 pre-created, in demand products that you can claim authorship on right away. And on top of that, you get 10 full-length videos that teach you exactly how to modify the PLR make it unique and create an entire sales funnel from scratch. They even give you the sales page templates and everything you need right there in the members area. So you literally have 40 products of your own to sell right away. Your own product catalog back and start making you money whenever you want and it only cost you $27!

Now if you’re really serious about your Internet business and you want to pop out your own information products often (which we all know is the way to keep the money coming in while you sleep) then you are definitely going to want to spring the extra 40 bucks and get the Mac daddy membership. For $67 you get everything I mentioned above and they also give you unlimited access to the product creation software for life. The software is basically a digital information products creation tool. You can easily make e-books and reports that look really really good by filling in the boxes with your own information and clicking the render button. So this is gonna save you a huge amount of time and you’re not have to fumble around with Microsoft Word or any kind of text editing software to create fancy looking e-books. It’s all right there, and it comes with the PDF manual and video tutorial to teach you how to use the software. But you probably won’t need the manual is this thing is dropdead easy to use.

As a Mac daddy member they also give you resell rights to speedy profit creator. Now you can sell the entire thing but as a reseller they let you sell the basic version and they supply the website, the sales video and everything you need to be up and running.

Inside the site you’ll also see offers for mentorship, done for you service and another product called my unfair advantage created by the same author whose name is Omar Martin. If you do some research on this guy and his company like I did, you’ll find that he’s the real deal. He’s been an Internet marketer for quite some time and he’s got a pretty big following plus he is also the creator of which I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

Overall this thing gets 4 1/2 stars for me. I particularly liked the way that they presented the offer. It was very upfront no up cells are down sells. They simply laid out the three options and let you pick which ever one you want. Not many people do that nowadays and I can really appreciate an Internet marketer that is upfront and honest about his products. I can’t comment on their support because I haven’t had any issues to speak of. But they do have an FAQ as well as a support desk link inside of the members area. And get this they even give you their phone number so if you have any issues you can call them and speak to someone directly. All in all this is an awesome freaking product and you should buy it.

Here’s a link to their WSO:

Speedy Profit Creator


Affiliate Business Opportunities for Everyone

We see so many new affiliate business opportunities popping up all the time. It used to be that affiliate businesses had a certain stigma attached to them because people lumped them in with every other network marketing job out there. People were afraid of being hit up for a “pyramid scheme” but this is no longer what it’s all about. Affiliate business opportunities are growing and there is truly something for everyone. There is a business for every type of hobby or interest, and they can vary based on the commitment required from the individual running it. So it makes a nice fit for just about everyone!

Think about what you are interested in and what you feel passionate about. This is what is so appealing about affiliate business opportunities is that it allows people to get truly excited. For those that sit through a desk job day in and day out with no fruitful results or hopes of climbing the ladder, the affiliate business offers a nice alternative. There truly is something for everyone—business opportunities ranging from coffee to stationary to personal services and everything in between. These opportunities offer people something of interest to stand behind and get excited about, while they can earn a very nice income online. For some, the potential for earning income online with limited effort is the appeal. For others the fact that they can get involved with something they are truly passionate about and make a legitimate business opportunity out of it is the great draw.

It takes a little while to get started with an affiliate business opportunity, so you see many people doing this on the side as they work their full time job. This allows some flexibility and once things really start moving forward, there can be the possibility of making this a main source of income. The nice part is that you are more inclined to naturally get more involved with your affiliate business because it’s exciting and interesting to you, all the while offering you the potential to earn income online from the comfort of your own home. So if you feel stuck in your day job, want something more fulfilling, or are simply looking for another source of income, it may be worth looking at how you can earn income online through your affiliate business of choice. There is truly something for everyone allowing you to really make this business your own.

Affiliate Promo Formula is one product that can get you started. Good luck in all that you do. “Don’t Ever Give Up”

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