Update On Vintage Prints.

A quick update since the 10th March. I have to say folks since my last post I have had more success selling vintage prints on eBay. In total I have sold 13 prints. That is not bad for 5 weeks. It’s not much but to me it’s hopefully a start. If that is what people want to buy then so be it. They are vintage prints from the late 1800’s and they are quality in condition.  After you mount/mat the prints and put a backing board on it’s ready for framing which will make a big difference. The first lot I did mount the prints but with the second lot of prints I sold as is. People buy with or without. This second lot of prints I have 10 left to sell. the auction finished yesterday and I re listed as “Buy It Now” to see how they sell.

I guess I have a few people to thank for this, but Stuart Turnbull was the one I bought the videos on how to research for prints. These videos go in depth on how to start and so on. Print Sorcery is the product that changed how I go about selling on eBay and am I glad that I did. I would like to hope that if one person reads this post and thinks to himself “That’s what I want to do” then I will be happy. You won’t make your millions overnight but by following these videos step by step you will make progress like me.


Vintage Prints

Hi Folks. It’s just over a month since my last post. It’s not very good, is it. I should be posting more regularly to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in my eBay life. Well, since my last post on the 1st February life on eBay has been treating me really well. Of the first 10 vintage prints I sold 9 in less than a fortnight. How cool is that. If that does not inspire me nothing will. Same goes to you out there. Were you like me, dithering, wondering if i should take the plunge. If you are…….change your attitude NOW. The last print I gave to my sister in law. She is into art in different forms.

I bought my second book for prints and listed them on eBay. It was quiet for the first few days and I sold 1 print. Now there is 18 left. I used the schedule feature on eBay, I used that just to see what it was like. Listing starting and ending on different days. Anyway, not sure if it makes any difference. It’s good to have if you’re out a lot, working, shopping or whatever else you get up to. I had 2 or 3 watching certain prints. There are 2 bids so I know that today I will have 2 sales. The listings are now down to 8. What I have noticed is that these last 8 are being watched. Seeing that, should I have listed all the products at the same time. Would they all be watched. That’s something to ponder. I’ll re list the unsold prints at the same time, probably at a reduced price.

 On the left is the completed listd from my first set of prints. I hope you can make it out. I was really proud of that. The fact is people, you can earn extra income whether to get that wee bit extra per month or part time income or you could go the whole way and do this full time. Don’t get me wrong it will take time to go full time but with time and effort it could be sooner rather than later. I started putting more effort in after my first couple of sales of these vintage prints. Like I said my second lot of listings are on and nearing completion. Out of 19 prints I know for definate I will have 3 sales plus the last 8 are being watched. It’s probable I might get more before the end of the listings.

I have Stuart Turnbull to thank for  this. I purchased Print Sorcery from him last year. I watched all the videos, which, I might add are fantastic. After watching the videos I bought my first book and did nothing for months. After kicking myself in the butt I cracked on with it and now getting rewarded, not much at the moment but hoping to improve in the coming months. If you want to improve your eBay experience then this niche is for you. I am selling prints of plants, all original. You can select the niche you want, but ensure you pick the right niche.

That’s it for this post folks. I will be back soon with more success stories. If you want to improve on eBay……………..



As some of the readers on this blog I am using Public Domain to research, buy and sell products. I am selling Victorian Prints. I researched using videos I purchased from a marketer who is very successful online. Anyway, I purchased a Victorian book with 10 plates inside. I carefully removed the plates from the book one by one and again carefully stored them in a safe place. I put them in a see through envelope, like clingfilm which gives the print a certain amount of protection.

I purchased mounts and backing boards. I mounted/matted the plates ans then put them into a protective see through cover. I took photographs of each print and added to eBay. At last I had my prints online at auction and waiting for my first sale of Public Domain material. I had earlier before I had the prints mounted/matted, put them online. I didn’t think they looked that good with out being matted. That is why I decide to get them all matted. I thought that it would be best if I did that. I decide to conatct the very same person with whom I had purchased material to help me on my way. I sent him an email and asked him for an opinion of my products and how they looked on ebay. This person’s name is Stuart Turnbull, a very successful marketer and this is his reply from my email:

Hi Donald

I took a look at your listings and here are my thoughts.

Title: use the name of the flower and don’t waste space on words that
won’t be searched like “beautiful”

Category: get more traffic by using a second category if you can find
an appropriate one. Try looking under “collectables”

Image: you must scan your plates un-mounted and ideally include a
large very detailed scan in your description, your title gets the
traffic but it is your image that sells the item and yours just aren’t
close and detailed enough.

Start price: remember the magic of number 7! (£8.97 is so much more
effective than £9)

Me page: either use it to establish YOUR credibility (not Jim
Cockrum’s) or delete it

Auction length: I don’t find any benefit of using 10 days, 7 is sufficient.

Description: You must work harder to SELL the items, tell a story,
make it interesting, stress the positives (don’t mention the negatives
unless you have to and then use the age of the print to explain why it
may have a crease or tear – this way you are turning that negative
into a positive!)

I hope this helps you, mate!


I was surprised by what Stuart said above. There was me thinking I had done not to bad with my listing. But, there you go, it was definately a learning curve for me. In another email Stuart told me to change the listing, as long as there have been no bids or "watchers". So folks, take away some of the tips from Stuart. If any readers are interested in Public Domain let me know. Until the next post......


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Encountered A Setback – Result.

Well I have good news. I had a text message from Jim, my computer repairer. My HDD is ok, no problems at all whatsoever. The problem was in the BIOS settings. I told him I never go into the BIOS settings, to which he replied, “Someone has”. Hmm I thought, did I go into BIOS by mistake when one had too many. No, I wouldn’t have. Anyway, I am just glad it is fixed, that will do for me. A few months ago, I had problems with my DVD drive. I took it out of the computer and got a USB drive from a friend. It seems the drive is working fine so why was it not working when I wanted it to work. Must have been too many gremlins flying about. I am hoping to get it back at the weekend and get back to what I was doing before the mishap.

I was getting a lot of problems, had my e mail hacked, spam emails going to my address book. Got a warning from AOL. I ran my free anti virus, Avast and got the message everything OK. It turned out it wasn’t. I uninstalled Avast downloaded Kaspersky, did a full scan and found plenty of uninvited guests. Make sure you have proper anti virus on your system.


Encountered A Setback

Unfortunately I have had a problem with my main computer. It decided it did not want to play yesterday. I switched it on, started loading and then after about 4 seconds, blank screen and the cursor flashing top left hand of the screen. Oh dear! I switched off 2 or 3 times but to no avail, Windows would not load. Not being to technical I decide to try another screen. Didn’t work, computer didn’t even switch on. I then put it down to the power supply, don’t ask why, I thought it could be that. Next door neighbour is a spark, knocked on his door to ask him to check it. NO answer.

My last resort was someone I knew who fixed my machines before. I didn’t want to contact him initially because he lived quite a distance away. I had text him earlier but he had not replied. Last resort I decide to phone him. He answered straight away. he said his phone was on chaege. I explained the symptoms and he says, “Could be anything, but I think it could be the HDD”. I was gutted, I already had put another one installed in January, less than a year, surely not. I asked him to come and take it away and fix it.

I had to drag old faithful from the cupboard, wipe of the cobwebs and flash her up. Not brilliant but can do a job. When the HDD went earlier this year I hadn’t done a back up. Did I learn my lesson, well, a wee bit. I backed up twice, the last time in Sept or Oct. The Hdd that went kaput last year, he fixed but lost all my data so I now use it to back up, but sad that I cannot get onto the computer. Maybe, an external drive for backups.

Moral of the story is back up regular. I will post when I get an update. If I could afford I would have bought  a new one. I did use the wife’s yesterday but only because she was having a lie in otherwise it would have been a nightmare. Bless, she did let me use it until I got this one up and running.

Anyway, as you might have known already I am going to concentrate on Public Domain. I have 2 prints on eBay, have a look, I set a link at the end of this post. The 2 prints are of Wild Flowers of America. I have mounted/matted them ready for framing. I have 3 posters on as well, thought I would put them on rather than in the bin. I’m looking at people who collect posters might have a look. After the 10 period I’ll leave them off and put the rest of the prints. I had a lot of info on my old machine, so have to start from scratch. Here is the link folks. eBay , by the way, I have only started using the shop recently, still to make it look better. Leave a comment on what you think of the prints. Until the next time.


Beautiful Wild Flowers

What is this you are thinking to yourself…. Well, “Beautiful Wild Flowers” is a book I purchased through the Public Domain. It’s NOT IN COPYRIGHT, so I can do as I please with it. This book has plates in it, plates of wild flowers, original water colour drawings after nature. There are 10 in total which I can sell on ebay as original prints, which they are. This book was printed in the 1890’s and cost me $95.00 plus shipping. This another way of utilising Public Domain material. The book is in excellent condition, the plates are in excellent condition. There are also extracts from LONGFELLOW, WHITTIER, BRYANT, HOLMES & OTHERS.

Thou smiling Spring! again thy praise

Is on the lips of streams;

And the waterfalls loud anthems raise,

By day, and in their dreams;

The lakes that glitter on the plain

Sing with the stirring breeze;

And the voice of welcome sounds again

From the surge upon the seas.


Not only can you do a lot with these products, these were famous guys whose works was known throughout the entire world. It’s now your chance to make something for yourself with the help of these folk. I’ll give you another wee poem.

Where the woodland streamlets flow,

Gushing down a rocky bed,

Where the tasslled alders grow,

Lightly meeting overhead

When the fullest August days

Give the richness that they know,

Then the Wild Clematis comes,

With her wealth of tangled blooms,

Reaching up and drooping low.

Dora Read Goodale

The Wild Clematis is one of the plants mentioned in the book.

What I will do, in my next post I will get some information,FREE of course and you can read peruse at your leisure.

Remember with Public Domain material, what you can do with this is unreal. There is scope for everything and there are literally millions of material in the Public Domain, all you need to do is find. Until the next time. Before I go. If you have been struggling like I have in Internet Marketing I believe this is the way to kick start it. I have been trying for a number of years to make a breakthrough, I get so far and then I get into a rut. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying to make. I am confident that using Public Domain material will help me. If you have/are still buying material…STOP now.Keep your funds for this project. You can start with little capital.


Public Domain

It’s been a while since I last left a post, too long in fact. Since my last post regarding Public Domain I have been reading up on different aspects of it. I have purchased a couple of ebooks to help me on my way. The information is totally invaluable. I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near as I have if I had not got these extra material. I have been on sites I could only have dreamed about so if anyonne reading these post has an interest in Public Domain, get in touch. There are free ebooks you can get to help you on your way. I believe it can get easier if you also buy books to help you or video. The free books can give you lots of info but there is always that little extra you need, and I buy if need be.

The Public Domain stuff I am going to use, going to sell on ebay. I am downloading products and then compiling to make one big product that can be sold on ebay on CD/DVD. The material is out there. All you have to do is find it. In my previous post there are links that you can click on for more information. If you need to get in touch, leave a message and I’ll get back to you either through a reply on your post or via email.


Make Money With Public Domain Books.

Did you know there is a vast amount of hidden treasure of Public Domain copyright FREE books. Books on music, film, images and much much more. It’s all FREE for the taking and you can do anything you like, and that includes repackaging and sell on for money and as your own product. You can “steal” an everending supply of content, millions upon millions for that matter.No Royalties or Licensing to pay for. You create the product and sell on as your own and keep 100% of the profit.

You are able to leverage the hard work of other people, experts in their own field and use their work to sell information products. Imagine that you won’t have to write anything yourself, it’s already been written for you. Marketers are already making hunders if not thousands of dollars, now is the chance for you to get a share. Whatever your niche, hobby, you want a weight loss book or body building you’ll find it in the Public Domain.

What are you waiting for go and have a look and see what’s in it for you.

This link is your first stop:  Public Domain Treasure Hunters Survival Kit

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new found product as much as I have.


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