Sheds & Fencing

I thought I would give a friend of mine exposure for his business. He has been building sheds, fencing, decking and anything else you can think for a number of years so he has the experience. His prices are very reasonable and you get excellent value for money. Don’t take my word for it, go onto his site and find out for yourselves. Unfortunately, he works in Kirkintilloch, a town on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland so it will be West Central Scotland, but hey, he might go further, I don’t know. You would have to ask. I think he would travel 50 maybe 60 miles but would add a wee charge for distance. Anyway folks, go to:

Good luck. Anyone who visits his site can let him know that you got the info from my blog.



I remember first going to see Runrig in 1975 or thereabouts, not quite sure. Back then they were unknown, going from the Isle of  Skye where they first started, I believe. I should know I am from the Islands myself. In the early days you knew they were going to get somewhere. They are an absolutely fantastic Gaelic Rock Band. They are famous the world over.  Runrig are probably famous for Loch Lomond. There have been a few different versions over the years but listen and watch the whole clip. You will enjoy.

The amazing thing is a German Bundesliga football team, FC Koln use the song as their anthem. I should re phrase, they are definately using the tune, the words I did not understand, it was in German.



In a national newspaper there was an article about Waterboarding. It’s apparently what the Americans used on terroists to get information from them. You are blindfolded then you lie down on a table that is angled so that you legs are 6 inches higher that your head. A towel is then wrapped tightly round your  head.  After that water is poured onto your face and the water seeps slowly into your face. After a while you get the feeling that you are drowning and panic sets in but there is nothing you can do. Apparently after a few seconds you give up and tell all.

Allegedly, ex President Bush reckoned it saveed London from terror atrocities. The question was it right or wrong to, some people call it torture. “Was it torture”. A journalist for a newspaper took the “test” and he said it was being like “a circle in hell”. He said it was torture. I am sure there are people who will say it was torture and some will say, “If it prevented a terror attack, go for it”. Obviously you get the goody goody folk who will say it is torture. Maybe it is, maybe not.

I have my own thoughts but to think what these people are doing to this world, bombing, maiming innocent men, women and children. Do they deserve to be treated in this way? It is something that will go on regardless if we want to or not.

If doing that saved innocent lives maybe it is worth it…


Private Label Content

PLR, we see it everywhere. We get e mails daily with offers of free plr/mrr or whatever. Do you get fed up of all these offers day after day. I do sometimes. After all my Hard Drive is inundated with PLR, articles and goodness knows what else. It would probably take me days to go through it all.

However, if you could get 5 different niches every month, all done for you. You could add your own name to the product then you need to go and see what JULIE  STONE has to offer. I have known Julie for quite some time now. She is genuine and the products you get from Julie are second to none. You get Private Label content that you can sell over and over, you get all the tools to help you along. For example for November you would get:  Business How- To, Christmas Nostalgia, Food and Diet Mindset, Healthy Kids, Online Business. All the articles are professionally written, you get the graphics to go with it and the tools to help you along.

That’s all I am going to mention, just click on the link above and have a look for yourself. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed so click on the link above or click on the banner.


Masterclass Update

Will be starting Week 11 this week. I am still unsure of what niche to use. I have one or two. I am not in any rush. No point in that, one will lose direction. I am thoroghly enjoying the course. I am looking forward to completing my ebook, saying that I need to start it first. I re created one last year. I might even get it on my blog so I can get a review. It wasn’t much but I was happy with it. I am now looking forward to the coming week and see what lies ahead.

I haven’t really got anything else to say at the moment. I just hope all you other students are enjoying the course as much as I am. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead to see what John has to offer. Knowing John I am sure there will be a few surprises on the way. Anyway folks I need to go and decide on a niche and then do some research. Until the next time.


Recreating An Ebook

How many of you that read my posts, if any would like to re create an e book. I tried once, completely re created my own e book. Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be a best seller. All I am saying here is, it can be done. When you have re created your ebook, it’s yours. Your name, you’re the author, nobody can take that away from you, NOBODY. All the work was down to you and you get the credits for question, “How do we go about achieving this”.

First thing you need to do is.. Find a Niche that you are interested in. For example write down ten of you favourite topics. Once you have done that whittle it down to three. Pick your favourite one. This is when the work starts. Say for example you picked Golf as your niche. Next, I would go to Clickbank, click on the Marketplace link. Once in the Marketplace , on the left hand side there is a column with different categories. Use the search facility and “search” for Golf. Search by popularity and the best ones will come. Look at the first product and check for Gravity, which is stats at the bottom of the ad. If it has a Grav of 5 or more it’s probably a good seller. However, if you keep looking, you might come acrossa product that seems to be old and tired looking. Check the price. If you think it’s reasonable BUY IT. Don’t worry if it is old and decrepit looking. This is what you are going to re create.

Start by reading the e book from start to finish. Do it twice if you have to. After look at the sales page. How does it look. I’ll guarantee you could make it better looking. You getting the gist now?? In a few eeks time you will have ripped the old e book and made it into your own. You will have changed the Sales Page, Graphics, the Content of the e book and you will have made it your own.

I can hear you asking the question, “How Do I Do This”. Well, go to and read the sales page and if you can do that and re create your first ebook, you should be well on your way to doing well in Internet Marketing. It’s a fair price.I hope you enjoyed this post and if you do go and re create your own e book, the very best of luck.

Until the next time folks. Take care.



I think most of us use Social Networking sites whether it be Facebook, Bebo or whatever. Personally I use Facebook quite a lot, but how secure is it.How many of us have personal details on view, like DATE of BIRTH etc. I have my date of birth visible but let me assure you it will be coming off shortly, as soon as this post is done.

I read an article about safety on Facebook, so let me give you 10 of what not to do…

  1. DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH. This places you at a high risk of identity theft. They are the most commonly used security questions on password resetting sites. If a criminal can reset that they can access whatever they want, including your bank account.
  2. MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME. A lot of sites use your mother’s maiden name to authenicate who you are. They also use the school you went to as  a security question, so do not post this on Facebook either.
  3. ADDRESS. Do you want everyone to know where you live? Puts you at risk, once again to ID theft, and remember criminals and burglars would love to know where you live, they would be able to find out when you are away on your holidays. Who wants to come back from holiday to find they have been burgled. Don’t post your address on Facebook.
  4. HOLIDAYS. I mentioned above mentioning your address on Facebook and the people who are looking for such things. The same goes for your holidays. Beware of mentioning when you are going away. If you give away holiday dates on Facebook and you already have your address on your public profile your local burglar will be making plans while you are away sunning yourself.
  5. SHORT TRIPS. Something else that can be a risk, mentioning if you are going shopping on a certain day/time. Once again burglars love this sort of thing. If you want to mention anything that involves dates/times etc use the message service on Facebook. I suppose we all mention things and not realised it. Be careful when mentioning dates/times and any other information that would be good to the bad guy.
  6. INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS. Watch what sort of photos you post on Facebook. Don’t post racy, illicit or any offensive or indeed incriminating photos. Apparently bosses and prospective employers look at Facebook, so watch what sort you post. Photos of you drunk every weekend wouldn’t look good to a prospective employer. Don’t take photos at work and then post them online, if you do you are looking to get sacked. The same goes for videos. Remember once these are online they are probably there forever, even if you delete them. It only take for one person to copy the phots and pass them around.
  7. CONFESSIONALS. These can also get you the “chop”. Using Facebook whilst at work and posting things that you are skiving is not going to look good for you, is it?? So do not post anything about your employment. Remember, like I mentioned in the last paragragh once on FACEBOOK it’s on FOREVER.
  8. PHONE NUMBER. Need I say anything….. DO NOT POST. If you do you are more than likely to be bombarded by hoax calls.
  9. CHILDRENS NAMES. Can be used by fraudsters for identity theft. An adult will eventually notice their credit rating is affected. Children won’t. Paedophiles also scour the net looking for children. Don’t give them an opportunity.
  10. PUBLIC PROFILE. Don’t post a full profile. It will not only exist on Facebook, but also on search engines like Google.Keep your profile to a minimum and everything else private.

That’s it folks. I am now going to log on to my Facebook and check my profile and change as required. You do the same. Stay Safe and enjoy FACEBOOK.


Nothing Much

It’s been nearly a week since I left a post. Here I go. Nothing much happened last week. I am waiting for this weeks stuff to come through which is Wednesday. This week starts off with product creation and goes on for a few weeks I believe. I am now in full time employment and hoping I don’t fall behind. I joined PLR Monthly last week and that looks very good. If you click on the link on the blog it will tell you all about it.I will be taking things easy for a while, going to take my time.

This is a short post. Sorry about that but will have a better one next time.  Until the next post guys.


Nothing Much

It’s going to be a small post today. It has been a quiet week for me in my Masterclass. It was one video which I couldn’t finish and I had to contact Paula at Support. Where would I be without Support. Probably still on Week 6. I thing when I had problems with the graphics. I need to find out what Paula did to fix the problem. Week 7 was downloading the widlink plug in. I managed to everything that John did on the video, until that is I logged into my dashboard and plug ins and found that the plug in was not there.

Other news. Is it not justified that at long last pensioners are to get more money. High time that they did. Wayne Rooney is happy that he is now earning £250 000 per week. SHOCKING, especially with the state of this country. I wonder if that is before or after tax. I wonder who pays the tax. Anyway, good luck to the guy. I’m sure we all would happily take a quarter of a million a week.

News last week was that we sent £4 billion on aid to foreign countries, some of these countries house terrosists. Is some of that money used in funding terrorists. I do believe we should help out poorer countries but I think it is now time to reduce that and use to fund our own country. Britain now has an Aircraft Carrier but no aircraft to put on it. How stupid is that. And some of that £4billion could help our Military, new hospitals etc etc. I think Britain have gone too soft. It’s time to look after No. 1.

That’s it folks. Talk soon.


Masterclass Update.

First post this week. I have recived Week 7 of Johns Masterclass. I enjoyed Week 6 but on the last video I got stuck. I couldn’t get the graphics to work. I tried a couple of times but didn’t work. I submitted a ticket twice and after receiving a reply, twice I tried to rectify the problem. No can do. I sent John an e mail but asked to contact support. I should have done that that in the first place. Anyhow, John was busy with his latest project.

I sent support another ticket and this time I included blog address, username and password. I asked Paula if she could sort it out for me. I checked my e mails the following day and noticed the one from support. I was praying that it was Paula telling me it was fixed. I opened it up and sure as fate, Paula had sorted it out for me. I still need to send her an e mail and thank her for it. I will also ask her how she fixed it in case I need to do it in future.

All I can say is, “Thank You”, Paula. I find the support from this masterclass is second to none. I can also say with Dan and Paulas hosting account. The support is absolutely brilliant. I will now look at Week 7 and see what the first video is about. I do need to purchase an ipod so that I can listen to Johns audio.

One other thing, I am looking forward to “meeting” this years students.

Until the next time.

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