I have been into Internet Marketing for many years. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to make it. So far I have not been successful, but I am not giving up. Last year I came across John Thornhill, who is a very successful Internet Marketer. I bought a couple of items from John, ebooks, his Powerseller 3.0, signed up for e mail courses etc etc.

John did a yearly Masterclass where he taught students for 36 weeks. Each week the students received their weeky work, videos to be exact. They would watch each video in turn and follow what John was doing, simple as that. After 36 weeks I would imagine that 95% of the students are making some sort of money. Maybe they are all earning something.

Anyway, I was looking forward to the day I could afford to join Johns Masterclass. Earlier in the post I said John only had a class annually, not now. In one of his many e mails John has a link to his Masterclass. You get the first 4 weeks for $4.95, after that you go onto the full price. I decided to sign up for thr trial. I’m glad that I did. The first weeks videos I had already done the buying a domain, hosting etc but I still watched the videos. Let me tell you, it’s absolutely amazing what you learn even though you think you know it all.

I have now finished week 2 and I am looking forward to week 3 so I can carry on from where I left off. So, anyone who is reading this post and are unsure of what to do. Let me tell you, look, you have nothing to lose. Sign up for the 4 week trial, I am sure you can afford $4.95, and take it from there. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you are new to Internet Marketing these 4 weeks will get you off to a flyer.

All I can say now is “Thanks John, looking forward to working with you”. So can you guys reading this.