It’s been a while since I last left a post, too long in fact. Since my last post regarding Public Domain I have been reading up on different aspects of it. I have purchased a couple of ebooks to help me on my way. The information is totally invaluable. I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near as I have if I had not got these extra material. I have been on sites I could only have dreamed about so if anyonne reading these post has an interest in Public Domain, get in touch. There are free ebooks you can get to help you on your way. I believe it can get easier if you also buy books to help you or video. The free books can give you lots of info but there is always that little extra you need, and I buy if need be.

The Public Domain stuff I am going to use, going to sell on ebay. I am downloading products and then compiling to make one big product that can be sold on ebay on CD/DVD. The material is out there. All you have to do is find it. In my previous post there are links that you can click on for more information. If you need to get in touch, leave a message and I’ll get back to you either through a reply on your post or via email.


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