I started selling on eBay about 2 years ago. A friend and myself converted my shed into an office. We got it lined, plasterboard, painted inside, carpet tiles, desks, computers etc. I had power line from my house to the shed, got a telephone line etc etc. It was a fully functional office, we were chuffed to bits. We then got stuff from our respective houses that we didn’t use anymore, books, games, CD’s DVD’s etc and started to put them on eBay. We went into Glasgow to buy stuff cheaply then put on eBAY. We  were stuff bit by bit but nothing major. I signed up to a dvd drop ship company to see if we could push videos. I think I sold 8 or 9 so that was not worthwhile.

I opened a shop and put quite a lot of dvd’s into the shop but nothing ever came out of that. I then followed Johns Powerseller 3.0 and put that on eBay. I sold one, but that was enough for me. I knew it could be done. The shop was closed down because my friend and I stopped working together. At the moment there is no shop. There won’t be for a while until I’m up and running with the Masterclass. One other thing I bought from John in the past is the Profit From Plr:  http://www.learnhowtoprofitfromplr.com John takes you through the process of re writing an ebook from choosing your niche to traffic generation. Click on the link for more info.

“John Thornhills your man, if he can’t help, who the hell can”.

The way forward is selling e books on eBay, I think. If I follow Johns way of doing it I should be ok. Saying that, with me, I’ll probably take twice as long.

Until the next post….


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