I thought that seeing the time of year I would put this video onto my blog. It’s a video about DRINK/DRIVING and the consequences of it. This will shock you. I guess that’s the object, if this saves one life then it’s been worthwhile. think of the loss of life through DD. Families ruined forever. Here is a comment from a person who watched this:
“Every local news station should be playing this over the holidays. Especially in the US where our DWI laws can be too lax.? To think of all the lives that can be saved, especially the innocent ones. Most graphic video i’ve ever seen, but its awesome and i just played it to my 2 teenage kids who are now driving. I hope it sinks in.”

Maybe it should be shown here in the UK in the run to this time of year, shown at peak time so people can see the destruction and devastation it can cause. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Have a safe and enjoyable Xmas and New Year.


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