Auction Money Generator

Auction Money Generator

I have been selling on eBay for quite some time now. I have been doing ok, although it has been very quiet for a few months. As some of you are aware I have been selling vintage prints. However, I have been wanting for some time to move on with eBay but was unsure which way to go. As eBay have a habit of changing rules and regulations I didn’t bother. I just carried on as normal. Then comes along an email from John Thornhill…

Auction Money GeneratorGareth Kentish,  the gentleman who created this product, first of all gives you an introduction about the product he created. I have found this to be the best eBay product I have come across and like I mentioned above this will help me no bounds to move forward where eBay is concerned. The masses of literature you come across online, Gareth has refined a formula that generates more revenue from auctions and listings. This product has been tried and tested by many of the TOP POWERSELLERS. This is different to any text book literature about eBay.

Gareth goes on a little about eBay,  he mentions other products that can complement what you will be taught using his system. They are favourite products of his.

One question he does ask: “Do you think you could make a Full Time income on eBay”? “Yes” is the answer he wants to hear because Gareth himself works full time and has actually moved to France. How cool is that…You will be shown the basics, setting up an account. In fact he will want you to open more than one account and a shop. You will be shown and explained about Cross Linking. How to set up a PayPal account, promote your products. I have wanted a decent ‘About Me’ page, the one I had was not very good. I now have deletd that one and working on another one using Gareth’s method. How to add your ‘About Me’ page to a campaign. How about that.


Why does Aweber get mentioned in this product you might wonder. I did, and realised how many possible subscribers I have lost because I didn’t do anything about it. You have to watch, if you start sending emails to your eBay customers with their permission. You could be classed as a spammer. Don’t want that, do we? Gareth will guide you along the way and get you on the right track. Gareth will show you how to and explain it all to you. Another major issue which I did not know until now is integrating Aweber to Paypal. It gets better. There is a lot more go and have a look for yourself.

Auction Money Generator has helped me loads since I purchased it last week. I watched the videos, reading through the ebook and now putting all that into action. I am now looking forward to setting up my eBay shop, a new ‘About Me’ page and all the other features that will help me along the way. That’s it from me, now up to you. If you use ebay for selling this will be a massive help in moving forward. Good Luck in all that you do.


Update On Vintage Prints.

A quick update since the 10th March. I have to say folks since my last post I have had more success selling vintage prints on eBay. In total I have sold 13 prints. That is not bad for 5 weeks. It’s not much but to me it’s hopefully a start. If that is what people want to buy then so be it. They are vintage prints from the late 1800’s and they are quality in condition.  After you mount/mat the prints and put a backing board on it’s ready for framing which will make a big difference. The first lot I did mount the prints but with the second lot of prints I sold as is. People buy with or without. This second lot of prints I have 10 left to sell. the auction finished yesterday and I re listed as “Buy It Now” to see how they sell.

I guess I have a few people to thank for this, but Stuart Turnbull was the one I bought the videos on how to research for prints. These videos go in depth on how to start and so on. Print Sorcery is the product that changed how I go about selling on eBay and am I glad that I did. I would like to hope that if one person reads this post and thinks to himself “That’s what I want to do” then I will be happy. You won’t make your millions overnight but by following these videos step by step you will make progress like me.


Vintage Prints

Hi Folks. It’s just over a month since my last post. It’s not very good, is it. I should be posting more regularly to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in my eBay life. Well, since my last post on the 1st February life on eBay has been treating me really well. Of the first 10 vintage prints I sold 9 in less than a fortnight. How cool is that. If that does not inspire me nothing will. Same goes to you out there. Were you like me, dithering, wondering if i should take the plunge. If you are…….change your attitude NOW. The last print I gave to my sister in law. She is into art in different forms.

I bought my second book for prints and listed them on eBay. It was quiet for the first few days and I sold 1 print. Now there is 18 left. I used the schedule feature on eBay, I used that just to see what it was like. Listing starting and ending on different days. Anyway, not sure if it makes any difference. It’s good to have if you’re out a lot, working, shopping or whatever else you get up to. I had 2 or 3 watching certain prints. There are 2 bids so I know that today I will have 2 sales. The listings are now down to 8. What I have noticed is that these last 8 are being watched. Seeing that, should I have listed all the products at the same time. Would they all be watched. That’s something to ponder. I’ll re list the unsold prints at the same time, probably at a reduced price.

 On the left is the completed listd from my first set of prints. I hope you can make it out. I was really proud of that. The fact is people, you can earn extra income whether to get that wee bit extra per month or part time income or you could go the whole way and do this full time. Don’t get me wrong it will take time to go full time but with time and effort it could be sooner rather than later. I started putting more effort in after my first couple of sales of these vintage prints. Like I said my second lot of listings are on and nearing completion. Out of 19 prints I know for definate I will have 3 sales plus the last 8 are being watched. It’s probable I might get more before the end of the listings.

I have Stuart Turnbull to thank for  this. I purchased Print Sorcery from him last year. I watched all the videos, which, I might add are fantastic. After watching the videos I bought my first book and did nothing for months. After kicking myself in the butt I cracked on with it and now getting rewarded, not much at the moment but hoping to improve in the coming months. If you want to improve your eBay experience then this niche is for you. I am selling prints of plants, all original. You can select the niche you want, but ensure you pick the right niche.

That’s it for this post folks. I will be back soon with more success stories. If you want to improve on eBay……………..