This is a country supposedly £1 TRILLION in debt, can you believe that. School budgets being cut, defence budget being cut, Armed Forces being cut by approx 17 000, fighting a war in two countries. Families faced with soaring food and fuel prices. What happened to the saying “Charity Begins At Home”.  Well, in this case it doesn’t. Our Prime Minister has just given £650 million to help schools in Pakistan.  Beggars belief. Our Armed Forces are being decimated, yet here we are giving money away. It makes no sense. That money could have funded 4000 British infantry privates for 5 years, or pay for 25 deadly Apache and attact helicopters and also train the pilots to fly them. Good ol Britain, stuff our own let’s give money away.

Pakistan apparently spending £1.7 billion on jets and submarines. Surely they can spend money to pay for teachers and schools. UK is ditching jets, ships and jobs in cash cuts…….need I say more. Britain sends £8 Billion a year in overseas aid. Come on Britain look after your own. I’m not saying don’t help other countries but let’s get our own house in order first.

By the way, apparently we have to borrow the £650 million to give to Pakistan. I just hope he doesn’t live to regret that decision.

One more thing. We’re building an Aircraft Carrier, but there are no jets to on them. I’m sure that £650 million could have gone towards getting some aircraft.

End of RANT.


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