How far have you got so far this year? Have you moved on from 2010 or are you still havering. I was reading John Thornhills post about his year so far. I was astonished at all the progress he has done. The man is unbelievable and we should take note of where we are ourselves and use John as an inspiration. You can see his post at planetsms. Take out from that post what you need.

As for myself I have moved forward but only a small improvement. At last I have vastly improved using Aweber and Filezilla. Two months ago I struggled with certain parts of uploading and using an autoresponder. I am now vastly improved in them both. I now have two other sites up on the net, and . It’s early days yet but hoping to drive traffic to those sites asap.

Now that I’m good at uploading I will be using my monthly Free sites I get. I will buy a domain each month and set them up, different niche every month. In my next post I will the links available for anyone to have a look and see for themselves. At the end of the day they are free. All you have to do is buy a domain for that months niche. there is the chance to upgrade to Premier for $10 pm which I have done.

I hope you all have a very successfull month and a very successful year. Please leave a comment if you so wish and I will reply to it at my earliest convenience.


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