This will be my last update for  a while. I finished the 28 day trial but I have had to postpone the rest of the course until further notice. I cannot now access the videos of the first 4 weeks as my 28 days have been and gone. I intend to come back and finish the course in the very near future. These last few weeks have been amazing, looking forward to each week for the next set of videos. I will be posting on here as often as possible just to keep it going. I didn’t even get to know any students but I expected that anyway. Good luck to the students who are on the course at the moment. I was looking forward to week 6, I think that was the list building one.

I will attempt to put an opt in form on my other blog. There will be videos somewhere. I am leaving this blog for the course when I come back, although as I said before I will continue to post.

I had actually received week 5 although I am not sure if I was supposed. I watched the video but didn’t take any action. Week 5 actually came on day 28 so I assume that after midnight I was locked out.

I downloaded Camtasia 7 last week, you can get it on trial.  I was going to attempt a video then post, so I’ll probably do one before the trial runs out and post it on my site. Quite a snazzy bit of kit. Think it will take some getting used to.

I am looking forward to getting back on the course.


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